Pro-Palestine protesters disrupt ‘warmonger’ Nancy Pelosi speech in UK: ‘Not welcome!’

Rep. Nancy Pelosi got an earful from anti-Israel protesters at her Oxford speech in the UK resulting in police evicting the radicals while they yelled at her, “Warmongers not welcome!”

The incident took place on Thursday as demonstrators crowded outside the Oxford Union, shouting at those inside while waving the Palestinian flag.

The pro-Palestinian X account for Youth Demand wrote in support of the antisemitic mob, “BREAKING: YOUTH DEMAND DISRUPT GENOCIDE-BACKING @speakerpelosi AT UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD Warmongers like Nancy Pelosi are not welcome on University campuses. When children are being murdered, and hospitals are being bombed, we will not sit down and be quiet whilst these people are given platforms. We must stand up and take action, because we aren’t f***ing around anymore.”

The 84-year-old California Democrat was there to give the Benazir Bhutto memorial lecture. Two students from Youth Demand unfurled the Palestinian flag as she was speaking. One of them marched in front of her and held it up. The Thames Valley Police escorted them out of the building as those in attendance applauded.

It was a different scene outside as approximately 250 students loudly demonstrated against Israel and America, accusing the Jewish state of genocide and the U.S. of being complicit. They railed against Pelosi, calling for her to leave.

Oxford Union issued a statement on the encounter, “The Oxford Union Society’s founding principle is that of freedom of speech and the open exchange of ideas. In this spirit, we support the right to peaceful protest. There was an incident inside the chamber which was dealt with by security.”

Islamists and socialists decried Pelosi’s speech on social media.

Socialist Voice on X wrote, “Nancy Pelosi is a Zionist war criminal – no wonder Sir Keir Starmer and the Labour Party rolled out the red carpet for her this week.”

The Telegraph noted that during Pelosi’s speech, she called for peace and that “the suffering of Gaza must stop. We want peace on both sides. Both sides must agree to it.”

According to Axios, Pelosi is also calling for the resignation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu because he will not support a two-state solution which Hamas is demanding.

“We recognize Israel’s right to protect itself. We reject the policy and the practice of Netanyahu. Terrible,” she commented in an interview with RTÉ’s Six One News in Ireland. “What could be worse than what he has done in response?”

“I don’t know whether he’s afraid of peace, incapable of peace, or just doesn’t want peace, but he has been an obstacle to the two-state solution,” Pelosi asserted.

She also suggested that some pro-Palestinian protests have “a Russian tinge to it.” Especially those against President Biden according to The Recount.

“It’s in Putin’s interest for ‘What’s His Name’ to win, and therefore I see some encouragement on the part of the Russians,” the California Democrat, referring to Donald Trump, said in an interview with RTÉ News on Wednesday.

“I trust the sincerity of many of the demonstrators,” Pelosi added. “It’s organic, it’s spontaneous, it’s real. But some of it, I think, has a Russian tinge to it.”


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