Pelosi tells protesters to ‘go back to China’ in viral video

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got into a testy confrontation with pro-Hamas protesters who showed up at her house, telling them to “go back to China” in a viral video clip posted to social media.

The newly surfaced footage was shared on the X platform by left-wing activist group Code Pink on Monday, the day after the octogenarian Democrat claimed without evidence that protesters demanding a ceasefire in Gaza were working for Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

In the clip, Pelosi is seen as she’s getting into a vehicle in the driveway of her San Francisco mansion, exchanging words with the activists, ending with saying that they should “go back” to the communist country.

“In October, Pelosi told our members calling for a ceasefire to ‘go back to China.’ These same women have been protesting for peace at her house for 17 years,” Code Pink wrote. “Pelosi takes thousands of dollars from AIPAC every year. Who’s the foreign agent here?”

On Sunday, Pelosi raised eyebrows during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” when she conjured up yet another of the conspiracy theories about political adversaries of the Democratic party being in cahoots with Putin’s Kremlin.

“They are in front of my house all the time. I have a feeling for what feelings they have. But we have to think about what we’re doing. And what we have to do is try to stop the suffering in Gaza. This is women and children, people who don’t have a place to go, so let’s address that. But for them to call for a cease-fire is Mr. Putin’s message, Mr. Putin’s message,” Pelosi told host Dana Bash.

“Make no mistake, this is directly connected to what he would like to see. Same thing with Ukraine. It’s about Putin’s message. I think some of these protesters are spontaneous, and organic and sincere. Some, I think, are connected to Russia. I say that having looked at this for a long time,” she claimed, suggesting that the Jew-haters of her own base who she did much to enable are working on behalf of the nefarious Russian strongman.

She also called for the FBI which now functions as the Democratic party’s secret police to get involved,” a suggestion that seems to be a sign of the very serious optics problem that the pro-Hamas protesters are becoming in an election year.

Pelosi’s racist remarks about the protesters going back to China won’t get much play in a media that functions as a protection racket for Democrats but just imagine the uproar if they were uttered by a Republican, especially if it was former President Donald J. Trump.

Chris Donaldson


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