Professor, ex-CIA staffer says ‘white men’ steeped in ‘violent extremism’ poised to start Civil War

Not only has the Left declared war on white males in America in many ways, under the banner of “equity” to justify open discrimination against them, but they also endeavor to attack any who dare complain about being demonized and subjected to unfair treatment.

Look no further than California, where a professor and former CIA analyst pushing Democratic Party talking points about democracy being under attack declared that white men are poised to start the next Civil War in America.

Appearing on PBS’s “Amanpour and Company” Tuesday evening, University of California professor Barbara F. Walter was asked by anchor Hari Sreenivasan how far off a civil war may be in America, where political polarization is a growing problem.

“You have studied several types of societies who have been on the brink of, who’ve been in the middle of, a civil war, who’ve been after, who’ve survived after one,” he said, in setting Walter up. “How is America on that timeline? How far along a timeline toward a civil war is the United States?”

Walter, the author of  “How Civil War Starts,” proceeded to serve up an inflammatory screed against white males, whom she depicted as violent extremists. But not before saying the past 100 years has served up “so much good research,” boasting that she used to work for a “U.S. government task force that was run through the CIA, that was designed to help our government predict where around the world civil wars and political instability, and political unrest was likely to break out.”

Walter further declared that she was extrapolating because the CIA is “not a politicized organization” — recent director John Brennan must have not gotten the memo — and therefore cannot look at the U.S. In reality, it’s very possible that she is a living, breathing embodiment of this nation’s largely failed nation-building disposition.

“We know very clearly that the two big risk factors are whether a country has a weak and partial democracy, and whether in those countries its political parties had divided along racial, religious, and/or ethnic lines,” Walter said.

“We also know who tends to start civil wars. Most people think it’s going to be the poorest members of society, and they have the motive, they have the grievances, they have a reason to rebel, or they think it’s the most heavily discriminated or it’s the immigrants, all these groups who are, in some ways, downtrodden,” she said. “But, again, they don’t start civil wars. The groups that tend to start civil wars, especially ethnically-based civil wars, are the groups that had once been dominant and are in decline. So, they used to dominate politically, economically, and oftentimes, socially and they’re losing that position oftentimes because demographics are changing.”

There’s a fair argument that these “demographics”  are changing as a result of the Democratic Party exploiting U.S. immigration laws to artificially alter the breakdown, beginning with Sen. Ted Kennedy’s immigration bill in 1965 — the end result being fewer and fewer white Anglo-Saxon Protestants who tend to embrace traditional values shaped by European influences, such as self-reliance and personal responsibility.

Having sufficiently set the background, the liberal professor then zeroed in on white men.

“Again, this is not — these are not studies that were done in the United States. These were studies that were done on over 200 different civil wars that we’ve seen around the world. And if you apply that to the United States, you also see similarities,” Walter said.

“We’ve seen a significant rise in violent extremism since 2008. Some of its been on the left, but the vast majority of it has been on the far-right. And it’s been perpetrated almost exclusively by white men,” she added. “And again, if you look at the history of the United States, the group that had been dominant since the very inception of our country were white men. They also tended to be Christian, and they are losing that position.”

Borrowing a page from Barack Obama’s bitter, clinging narrative against white working-class voters, Walters suggested that white men are “willing to use violence” to remain dominant.

“It’s no longer guaranteed that you are going to get into the best schools, or get the best jobs, or have, you know, economic security your whole life,” she said. “Suddenly, there’s a lot of competition out there and you see a subset of this population becoming increasingly resentful, angry, and they truly feel that this is their country, and that they’re being patriots by saying what they believe is the true identity of this country and they’re willing to use violence to do it.”

Much of that so-called “competition” resulting from liberals pushing white males to the end of the line.

Walter’s full appearance can be seen below:


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