Program gives poor DC mom $10k in taxpayer funds, she blows $6k on luxury trip to MIAMI

A Washington, D.C. woman who was blessed with $10,800 in free taxpayer funds reportedly blew over half of it to live the high life in Miami.

Canethia Miller, a mother of three, received the $10,800 as part of a D.C. pilot program designed to help 132 low-income mothers by ostensibly “improv[ing] their families’ outcomes and economic mobility,” according to The Washington Post.

But instead of using the money to actually do that, Miller reportedly took it and ran off to Miami with her kids to party like it was 1999.

“Some of it I just left alone. The other side is, I wanted to blow it. I wanted to have fun,” she told The Post. “[My kids] got to experience something I would never have been able to do if I didn’t have that money.”

“The five-day, $6,000 trip to Miami was a dramatic upgrade from the Ocean City and Virginia Beach visits that Miller’s family was used to. Joined by the children’s father, a boat tour exposed them to million-dollar homes and luxury yachts,” according to The Post.

“Her kids went to a dinosaur museum and saw animals in Florida’s swamps they had never seen before. Miller still talks about trying Benihana, a Japanese steak and sushi restaurant, for the first time,” the Post reported in an exclusive published earlier this month.

Before the trip, meanwhile, Miller spent a bunch of money outfitting her kids with “new clothes, shoes, gadgets and toys. ”

“Every outfit they wore was new,” she proudly boasted.

But it gets worse.

She even spent $180 to get her hair and nails done before flying down to Miami and blowing thousands in taxpayer funds.

“Do you know how good I look in this picture?” she said to The Post. “I didn’t have to look like a working, stressed mom.”

In fairness, Miller did open a savings account and deposit $50 into it. And she reportedly used the rest of the money — around $4,000 — to catch up on some bills.

Ironically, despite wasting most of the taxpayer money, she thinks she’s set a good example for her children by using less than 50 percent of it correctly.

“A lot of communities in my area don’t know the financial gain of credit, saving for your kids; that’s why we’re broke, that’s why we don’t have nothing to pass down or no house to give down,” she obliviously said.

“I’m trying to get to the level where I’m passing something down that really matters, so I can be set and my kids can be set, and they don’t need to push so hard like I’m doing now,” she added.

Critics have not taken kindly to how Miller chose to spend (or rather waste) most of the taxpayer money she was gifted. Many critics argue she and the other recipients should have invested the money wisely to help build wealth and actually rise up.


Yet some on social media rushed to defend Miller, arguing that it was “her” money and that she could spend it how she chose.

But this “point” neglects the fact that it was, in fact, other people’s money and that, more importantly, Miller and others like her will always remain poor so long as they keep spending irresponsibly.

Vivek Saxena


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