Zelenskyy is egged on to blast Trump. Here’s how that turns out.

With $60 billion of American taxpayer dollars hanging in the balance, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy wants former President Donald Trump to visit the frontlines so he can truly understand the “tragedy” of Russia’s attempt to keep NATO forces off his porch.

Just over two weeks after Russian President Vladimir Putin gave Tucker Carlson — and the Western world — a detailed lesson in the centuries-old history of Russian-Ukrainian relations, Zelenskyy sat down with Fox News’s Bret Baier to explain why it’s essential for Americans to fund a war that an increasing number of knowledgeable people are saying he cannot possibly win.

With the aid package stalled in the GOP-led House — and a U.S. election that could change everything fast approaching — Zelenskyy wants Trump and those Republicans who oppose sending more money to fight a foreign war when America is being invaded by migrants at our border to visit Ukraine.

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“I’m happy to see all the candidates and all the people who are decision-makers or can support, not to be against, just to understand what the war in Ukraine means,” Zelenskyy told Baier.

“Who opened this war, who began it, and what’s going on, what’s around,” he continued. “What brilliant Ukraine we had. We have [a] beautiful country, but in the war, it’s another picture and other lives.”

The presidential candidates, the former comedian said, should “Come see people, just to speak to them on the streets.”

Zelenskyy addressed Trump’s famous claim that he could, if reelected, end the bloody battle in 24 hours.

“I don’t understand how it can be,” the Ukrainian leader said. “He can’t solve this problem, this tragedy with me.”

He suggested that talking to Trump would be a waste of time.

“Yes, of course, I will explain everything to him, and he will explain what his thoughts,” Zelenskyy said. “Maybe he has some ideas. I don’t know.”

The only way to convince the GOP frontrunner is for him to witness the war for himself, he felt.

“He will see what’s going on,” Zelenskyy argued. “And, after that, I think he will change his mind and he will understand there is no two sides of this war.”

“There is only one enemy,” Zelenskyy stressed, “and this is the position of Putin.”

It isn’t the first time the embattled leader has invited Trump to his war-torn nation.

As BizPac Review reported, he previously called Trump’s promise to end the conflict in a day “very dangerous.”

“[Trump] is going to make decisions on his own, without … I’m not even talking about Russia, but without both sides, without us,” Zelenskyy told the U.K.’s Channel 4 News in January. “If he says this publicly, that’s a little scary.”

“I’ve seen a lot, a lot of victims,” he continued, “but that’s really making me a bit stressed. Because even if his idea [for ending the war] – that no one has heard yet – doesn’t work for us, for our people, he will do anything to implement his idea anyway. And this worries me a little.”

Speaking with Baeir, Zelenskyy urged Congress to see him and his countrymen as family folks. If the GOP doesn’t give him what he wants, America will pay “much more” in the future.

“My message is, if they want to be very pragmatic, the price, we are asking now to support, this price is less than it will be in the future … They will pay much more, much more,” he said. “We just want to live, to survive. We don’t have alternative.”

“Congressman, just people with their families, with their children,” he continued. “And I think they understand that we are just trying to save our houses with children and just say that if you think that we are fighting for the common values, so let that help us and let’s support, let’s be in unity.”

On X, Zelenskyy’s latest appeal for more money did little to move the hearts and minds of many conservatives, though they were willing to acknowledge the “tragedy” of the situation.

“I think most people are willing to agree that it is tragic,” one user wrote. “The diagnosis is not in dispute.”

“Where roads diverge is how to deal with it,” the user noted. “Grinding your population to zero is not the answer. Make peace or stop asking for money.”

Melissa Fine


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