Protester body slammed to the ground by security after interrupting DeSantis

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was interrupted by several protesters while campaigning Thursday in Ames, Iowa, and he responded much like he does when facing off with activist journalists.

One of the climate change protesters fared much worse than the others when he found himself being bodyslammed (off camera), the Daily Mail reported.

The first interruption was met with defiance, as DeSantis dressed the man down, “You’re interrupting and you’re being rude. Everybody else is listening and you’re butting in.”

“I know you have an agenda. Stop! Here we go,” he added, as security descended on the man and dragged him out of the room.

“This guy is like – he wants you to pay more for gas, more for energy, he wants rolling blackouts in this country,” DeSantis told those in the room, who responded with cheers. “We’re not going to let people like that win. We’re going to make sure we’re energy independent.”

The second interruption came at the hands of a seemingly nervous and/or clumsy activist, who was quickly slammed to the ground before he could pull off a stunt involving a flag.

“This is what’s wrong with the college system right there. That’s Exhibit A,” DeSantis called out. “And honestly, you know, it’s like if you’re going to do that – he was like stumbling around to get his flag out. Like he telegraphed that a mile away, anyone could have seen that.”

DeSantis then took what appeared to be a veiled shot at Fox News while recounting a previous interruption he faced.

“Some of these guys, they actually infiltrated – I did a town hall on Fox News – well I don’t know if they infiltrated or they were welcomed to do that. But they were there. They tried to bum rush the stage there,” he explained.

The bodyslammed protester was with the Sunrise Movement, according to the Daily Mail. The group’s mission is to “force the government to end the era of fossil fuel elites.” The town hall was interrupted by two other activists from the movement.

Tom Tillison


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