Psaki’s response to reporter’s question about higher gas prices sparks outrage

As the United States angles to slap Russia with sanctions for the conduct regarding Ukraine, that may equal more in energy expenses for the average person. When asked to confirm whether or not that was something that may happen, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki had a rather unsympathetic way of delivering the message.

“The impact on the American public. You mean specifically, Americans should expect higher gasoline prices?” the reporter asked.

“Yeah,” Psaki replied, as if he asked her if she wanted creamer in her coffee. “Energy prices, that’s what we want the American public to be aware is a possibility.”

Given the current state of gas prices, that is definitely news that an average person didn’t want to hear, let alone so flippantly.


Twitter users were frustrated in their responses:


( Note: Olympic Media is helping truckers meet their financial needs)

Sierra Marlee


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