Raging leftist Michael Rapaport rips ‘cadaver’ Biden over NYPD beatdown – says vote for Trump on table

Michael Rapaport, the actor who, one assumes, gets Keith Olberman to hold his Bud Light before he records himself, directed a rant at President Biden on Friday, claiming the beating of NYPD officers at the alleged hands of illegal migrants is why “voting D!ck Stain 2024 is on the table!”

It’s likely not the ringing endorsement former President Donald Trump would wish for, but, again, this is Michael Rapaport, and, while claws on a chalkboard are often preferable to his incessant whining, the comedian does illustrate the frustration even rabid liberals have with Biden’s progressive agenda.

“The other day in New York City, six illegal aliens jumped a New York City cop. NYPD’s finest. They jumped a New York City cop in Times Square and were arrested and released without bail,” Rapaport fumed.

“I know it’s a city thing,” he said. “I know it’s a state thing.”

“I know all that,” he stated. “I know all that. I know all that.”

“Stay with me,” he continued. “Released without bail. Came out of the courtroom on some Tupac, raising the middle finger with the Detroit Redwings Jersey.”

“Let me tell you something, what the f**k is the world coming to if you could be from another country, beat up a cop in New York City, and walk out with no f**king bail?” he asked. “What the f**k is the world coming to?”

He then funneled his fury to the Big Guy.

“On the same day that that happens, Cadaver Joe Biden issues an executive order about four a**holes — quote, unquote settlers — in Judea, Samaria, aka the West Bank. Some troublemakers — three of the four have already been arrested. You issue an executive order about four troublemaking f**kups who’ve already been arrested in Judea, Samaria, while there’s a war going on, while there’s a hundred-plus hostages still being held in Gaza. You’re talking about that, but you’ve got nothing to say about motherf**kers beating up cops in New York City? The greatest city on earth?”

“Maybe it’s not,” he ranted. “Maybe my city is not the greatest city on earth anymore if you could beat up cops – If you could beat up cops in the ‘greatest city in the world’ and be released without bail. Are we the greatest city on earth?”

“Cadaver Joe Biden, we see you!” he exclaimed. “We f**king see you!”

“Don’t worry about those f**ks in Israel … worry about cops in Times Square and walking out with no bail like the f**king Tupac Shakur,” he demanded. “Worry about that sh*t.”

And that’s when Rapaport went into full meltdown.

Slapping his hand on the table, he yelled, “This is why voting for pig d*ck Donald Trump is still on the table!”

On X, many Trump supporters were quick to welcome Rapaport’s “awakening.”

“You finally ‘get it,'” said one user.

“It’s nice to see you may be seeing the light,” another replied. “Trump is the ONLY way.”

“It took you a moment but good to see you now know what’s what,” said a third. “Use your voice to do the right thing and get it done.”

“I’ve been wondering how bad it was going to have to get before Democrat voters woke up,” one user wrote. “Even with you saying this I still don’t think it’s gotten bad enough yet. But it will.”


Melissa Fine


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