Real Americans see right through Biden’s economic ‘comeback’ BS: ‘It’s just going up’

President Joe Biden and his propagandists have been preaching about the wonders of “Bidenomics” but people in the real world see the spin as just a bunch of malarkey.

The deeply unpopular leader’s poll numbers are an indication that many Americans are immune to the gaslighting and get a reminder of the real state of the economy under Biden with every trip to the grocery store where prices remain at stubbornly high levels, not to mention the rise in the cost for practically everything else since he took office.

While Biden depicted a rosy economic outlook in his State of the Union address on Thursday, real people aren’t seeing it and Fox Business reporter Madison Alworth talked with some of them on Friday’s edition of “Cavuto: Coast to Coast.”

(Video: Fox Business)

Alworth stopped by a Reading, Pennsylvania diner to get a feel for how voters in Biden’s home turf feel about the purported economic “comeback” and the answers could be a big problem for Democrats later this year.

“One item particularly is orange juice,” said Tana, one of four diners interviewed by the reporter. “A gallon of orange juice is like $6.80 or around $6, and that’s at Walmart. Like you don’t really expect it to be that, so that’s just one particular item, there’s many more.”

“I have a home business, that I used, I wrap cookies, I do cookies and I need bags to put them in, and I buy the like 150-count at Walmart. I used to get them for like $3, now they are like $6.50 or something like that, and it’s plastic,” she continued. “And it’s like every item you see in the grocery store, my husband and I keep a track like every week it’ll go up 50 cents. The next week another 50 cents, it’s gradually but it’s never coming down. Nothing comes down.”

A diner named Marcia noted that housing costs have also risen under “Bidenomics.”

“The housing pricing is still high and the interest rates are high, so I don’t know what’s going to give there,” she said. “So I don’t see how the economy is good when both of those things are high.”

“We’re going to do groceries now. Every week we go and we spend about $300. I have not seen a change at all. On the contrary, like it’s just going up,” another woman named Iris told Alworth.”We just got a letter at home saying the rent is going to go up. Our insurance just went up, so everything just keeps going up and up and up,” she said. “I haven’t seen the difference in anything.”

Alfonzo, Iris’s husband who’s a truck driver, said that he sees increased costs on the road.

“Everything’s up. Parking spots, fuel. Everything’s up,” he told Alworth. “Wherever you go, you see it.”

“Wages keep going up and inflation keeps coming down,” Biden said in his big speech when the so-called “fact checkers” apparently took the night off.

Honest Abe Lincoln once famously remarked: “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time,” and real people aren’t being fooled by the BS from the Biden regime.

Chris Donaldson


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