In first post SOTU gaffe Biden calls for Pennsylvania voters to send him….to Congress?

Gaffes galore marked the president’s return to the campaign trail in a SOTU redo that saw him seeking a wholly different office.

Thursday on Capitol Hill, President Joe Biden marked his second largest audience of his State of the Union addresses as many likely tuned in expecting to see a train wreck. Despite displays of rage during his speech, the president appeared to save his slip-ups for the following day.

Proving pundits right after his SOTU had been criticized as little more than a campaign speech, Biden traveled to Wallingford, Pennsylvania Friday where supporters filled the gymnasium of Strath Haven Middle School.

There, the self-identified Catholic president continued his push for abortion as, instead of asking voters to return him to the White House, he sought their support to send him “to Congress.”

“Pennsylvania, I have a message for you: send me to Congress that I can support this right and I promise you — we take back Congress we will restore Roe v. Wade as the law of the land,” he asserted.

As Biden proceeded to muddle his way between whispers and shouts to emphasize his points, he also got caught struggling with his teleprompter while taking aim at firearm manufacturers. Pushing the claim that they were the only industry protected from liability lawsuits, the president made a comparison to tobacco companies as he jumbled, “Imagine if tobacco had the same limitation companies that gun manufacturers!”

Elsewhere in his speech, he appeared to catch further mistakes as he offered up haphazard corrections or, in one instance, seemed to tack on an addendum to what would have been a boast over jacking up the national debt.

Following a near-meaningless brag about cutting the deficit, Biden repeated one of the more than a dozen references he had made during the SOTU to his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, as he blustered, “We cut the deficit and we added more to the national debt than any president in his term in all of history!” before adding the afterthought, “And under Donald Trump.”

Likewise, he’d spoken about the breach of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, saying that it had happened on July 6 before catching his mistake on the spot and clarifying he meant January.

Additionally, with his student loan forgiveness plan designed to buy votes continuing to flounder, Biden touted out his new scheme to reinvigorate the housing market. Blowing past the reality that Congress would have to introduce and pass his proposal, and the fact that his planned tax credits would not help homebuyers meet mortgage payments, only reimburse them in the future if approved by the legislature, the president appeared to forget the name of the Federal Reserve, referring to it simply as, “That little outfit that sets interest rates.”

The latest blunders left viewers with poor impressions of the president and his supporters alike as the octogenarian’s mental faculties remained a concern on both sides of the aisle.

Kevin Haggerty


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