‘Disturbed’ lead singer say Hamas terrorists ‘need to be eradicated’ after receiving on-stage gift

The lead vocalist of one of the most successful rock bands in the world came out swinging in support of Israel during an Orlando concert last month.

David Draiman of the heavy metal band Disturbed was inspired to speak up during the Feb. 26th concert after a young fan gave him a bracelet with the words “Am Yisrael Chai” on it.

He subsequently explained to the crowd that the phrase means “the nation of Israel lives and will endure.”

After explaining the meaning of the phrase, he then delivered a nearly 5-minute-long lecture about the realities of the Israel-Hamas war.


“You know, I’ve held back speaking about this — now I can’t,” Draiman began. “War is hell in every sense of the word. It breaks my heart to see the ridiculous loss of life on both sides.”

“It breaks my heart that the two people on the face of this planet that are closest in blood lineage to anyone on the planet — the Jews and the Arabs — have been fighting for each other for centuries, and it’s absolutely maddening and it’s ridiculous,” he added before calling for peace.

“There needs to be a future where we have peace and co-existence. And the only way that’s going to happen is if the next generation is no longer taught to hate,” he said.

Continuing his speech, Draiman then addressed the Oct. 7th terror attack on Israel by Hamas that left 1,300 innocent people dead — and the claim from leftists that members of Hamas are “freedom fighters.”

“I knew people, I miss people that were slaughtered like animals at the Nova festival,” he said. “I have a friend of mine who had to sit and bide his time with his friend in a garbage heap while friends of his were being raped right next to him by these barbarians who call themselves freedom fighters.”

“Freedom fighters my f–king ass. Rape is not resistance. Slaughtering innocents at a music festival that’s meant to bring people together of all walks of life is not resistance,” he added.

Draiman continued by expressing empathy for the Palestinian people but stressing that Hamas MUST be defeated, point blank.

“I genuinely feel empathy for the Palestinian people,” he said. “Despite what everyone on the other side of the equation likes to claim, there isn’t a single Jew on the face of this planet that does not celebrate life. We celebrate life. Hamas celebrates death, and they need to be eradicated. Not the Palestinians, but Hamas.”

“We need to save Gaza from Hamas for a future for the Palestinians and for a future for the Israelis so that finally we can bring some sort of a prosperous coexistence and an end to these countless years of bloodshed and struggle,” he added.

Draiman concluded the speech with a blurb about living in dark times.

“It is a dark time that we’re living in, and there are people who like to go ahead and use our fear of one another as an excuse to gain power, as an excuse to profit off of our own misery and our own suffering,” he said. “It’s dark times, my people. It’s dark times, but sometimes darkness can show you the light.”

His speech prompted massive thanks and appreciation on the social media platform X from other Israel supporters and Jews.


In an interview earlier this week with Breitbart News, Draiman went into more detail about why he decided at that moment last month to finally speak out about the Israel-Hamas war.

“I couldn’t not acknowledge her [the girl who gave him the bracelet] very precise, thoughtful gift without being insulting at that point, so I felt compelled to speak about it,” he said.

“And I just went completely off the cuff, speaking from my heart and trying to address the elephant in the room, so to speak. I just did the best that I could and I’m glad that it resonated with as many people as it has apparently so far. Who knows? I can only hope that it has a continuing positive effect,” he added.

Vivek Saxena


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