‘Really distressing’ Gavin Newsom follows up after disaster debate

President Joe Biden’s debate performance was so bad that the CNN post-debate analysis began by “laying the groundwork for the Great Replacement of Biden on the ballot, as the popular X account Oilfield Rando characterized the network’s breakdown of the debate.

A CNN post-debate flash poll was a clear indicator of the severity of Biden’s performance. The results were staggering, with former President Donald Trump trouncing Biden by a 67%-33% margin, further highlighting the concerns about Biden’s cognitive decline.

California Gov. Gavin Newson was the star of the show at the CNN spin room. Many on the left look to him as a possible replacement for 81-year-old Biden as the 2024 Democratic presidential nominee.

Amid speculation that Biden may bow out, either voluntarily or by force, Newsom was asked by the Daily Mail about filling the void, and he said all the right things — much like the college football coach who swears undying loyalty to the school he is currently employed by only to exit a press conference and go sign with another team.

“It’s a non sequitur. I don’t even understand the context of that,” Gavin said, playing the role of the loyal soldier.

“This is a President of the United States running for re-election. He’s our guy. And that’s part of the diversion tactic of the right – to continue to sort of muddy the waters on all of that and that nonsensical speculation,” he added. “It’s just like the absurdity of who’s going to get an injection shot. I mean this is farcical. It’s serious stuff – democracy, freedom, liberty, rights.”

The California Democrat bemoaned that it was “really distressing” to have to talk about the possibility of replacing Biden.

“And to see it trivialized, as we’re trivializing it even having these conversations, is really distressing to me as an American citizen, not just as a Democrat,” Newsom pooh-poohed.

Regurgitating the assigned talking points, the governor claimed Biden has “done a remarkable job in three and a half years,” telling the Daily Mail that the president “created eight times more jobs than the last three Republican administrations combined.”

Of course, this is a perversion of America returning to work after the Great COVID Shutdown.

Trying to inject optimism in an otherwise dismal night for Democrats, Gavin proclaimed, “We’re gonna be talking about an economy that’s come roaring back, inflation that’s been tamed. We’re going to talk about a vision for the future.”


Tom Tillison


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