Nancy Mace destroys civil rights activist for made-up definition of what woman is: ‘No…it’s not story time!’

U.S. Rep. Nancy Mace made it clear it was “not story time” during a House hearing when a civil rights activist tried pushing her idea of what a “woman” is.

The South Carolina Republican challenged Maya Wiley, the CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, during a hearing on Thursday that was titled, “Standing up for the Rule of Law: Ending Illegal Racial Discrimination and Protecting Men and Women in U.S. Employment Practices.”

“Can you define what a woman is?” Mace asked Wiley, a former MSNBC legal analyst and New York City mayoral candidate.

“A woman is a person who says she is, and let me tell you one story about this—” Wiley began before Mace interrupted.

(Video Credit: Forbes Breaking News)

“No, no, you’re not going to tell me a story, we’re not doing that right now, it’s not story time,” the congresswoman said, as Wiley smiled back, saying “It is story time” as she continued to tell her tale.

“No, it’s not. I’m going to reclaim my time, be quiet,” Mace shot back, with a smile.

“Biological women are real women,” she then went on. “A guy born as a man who wants to pretend to be a woman and put him and his big-Jim-and-the-twins in the locker room with underage girls or, his little-Jim-and-twins by the way, is disgusting.”

Mace shared a personal account of when she and her 14-year-old daughter had gone shopping for her birthday, recounting how her child was “taken to her dressing room by a biological male in a miniskirt and a lace bralette.”

“It is disgusting, I have no idea if that man was over 18 or under 18. It is absolutely disgusting that we’re redefining what women are, and allowing men into women’s private spaces,” she declared before dropping a personal truth for Wiley.

“And by the way, Miss Wiley, I’m a survivor of rape, I was raped at the age of 16,” Mace said. “I am not going to put other women and girls into unsafe situations with biological men with their willy-nillies out, putting women and girls at risk.”

She took to X with a video from the hearing, writing on X: “I want my kids to come home with A’s and B’s, not Ze’s and Zem’s.”

“The Left can’t even admit that allowing men in girls bathrooms is a safety risk. This woke gender-bender mentality is a mental illness. Absurd,” she noted in another post with a video clip.

The lawmaker found plenty of concurrent views on social media where the clip of the exchange went viral. Wiley did manage to get in a few words of rebuttal on X.

“I am a woman because I say I am. And no one can demand I show my genitalia to prove it. That isn’t freedom! And we all deserve to be free from a violation of our dignity & humanity,” she wrote.

But social media users continued to call her out for her inane definition of a woman.

“This woman is supposedly a LAW PROFESSOR. WHEN DOES THIS END?” video journalist Nick Sortor demanded on X. “Rep. @NancyMace is on FIRE today showing America just how ridiculous the left has gotten.”

“The left wants to erase biological reality,” the America First Legal account on X noted.

Frieda Powers


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