‘Really?!’ Oscars pummeled for Covid rules doled out in disjointed requirements for the haves and the have-nots

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For the upcoming Oscars on March 27th, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is reportedly requiring everybody to be vaccinated — except for the show’s “performers and presenters.”

Everybody else will be required to both be vaccinated and also pass at least two P.C.R. tests, according to The New York Times.

“Performers and presenters also must undergo rigorous testing — but those people will not need to show proof of vaccination, a decision that an academy spokeswoman said on Thursday was in keeping with virus safety protocols on some television sets and return-to-work standards set by Los Angeles County,” the Times reported Thursday.

This announcement has provoked outrage and cries of “hypocrisy” and “double standards,” regardless of the supposed reasons for this “caste system”-like set of rules.

Look: (** Language warning)

These rules appear to be indicative of typical Hollywood “hypocrisy,” though in an unusual way.

The Times notes that nominees — as in actors and actresses there to potentially receive an award — have to abide by the vaccine mandate as well. And so it isn’t necessarily an issue of Hollywood fatcats not being held to the same standards as the plebians. Or at least in regard to vaccines.

As for masks, the alleged hypocrisy does seem more customary.

“Nominees and their guests will be seated in the orchestra and parterre areas of the Dolby Theater and will not be required to wear masks. These attendees will be seated with more spacing than usual. The Dolby seats 3,317 people and 2,500 people will be invited,” according to the Times.

“Those in the mezzanine may be required to wear masks, as they will sit shoulder-to-shoulder. Infections are declining rapidly in Los Angeles County, and the academy said it was consulting with government officials, infectious disease experts and an independent vendor, Cosmos Health Solutions, on a policy.”

And so the plebians will be masked, while the Hollywood celebrities won’t.

In fairness, these disjointed rules are, at the very least, less “hypocritical” than they were before.

As previously reported, last week news emerged that the Academy was planning to not require COVID vaccination for the Oscars. There was also speculation that the Academy would also not be requiring masks.

Considering all the draconian restrictions that everybody else in the surrounding area has been forced to contend with, critics were enraged.

As reported by the Times, the Academy “was pummeled on social media by fans, stars, politicians and others.”

It wasn’t necessarily that critics were pro-vaccine mandate and pro-mask mandate themselves. The more common viewpoint was that if everyday people had to put up with these rules, Hollywood elites should have as well.

Though to be clear, COVID zealots were also upset:

All this comes only days after thousands of people, many of them wealthy celebrities, congregated at the Super Bowl unmasked.

More notably, all this comes even as schoolchildren in Los Angeles are still being forced to mask up:

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