TikTok star, 15, still posting with parents’ blessing after dad shoots stalker dead on doorstep

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Ava Majury is a 15-year-old TikTok star with more than a million followers, the vast majority male, who watch her dance and lip-sync to the latest music trends.

The minor was also the target of an online stalker who was shot and killed by her father, a retired cop, after crashing through the family’s front door.

Eric Rohan Justin, 18, reportedly traveled from Ellicott City, Maryland, to Naples, Florida, with a gun in July, intent on killing Ava, according to the Daily Mail. Ava also had been in contact with Justin and sold him two selfies for $300 which he paid her for via Venmo, the British newspaper reported, adding that he “had been vying for her attention on TikTok for months, bought her phone number from her friends and had paid them for pictures of her that were not on the internet.”

Yet, despite the death of one of Ava’s admirers, her parents have “defended selling her selfies to the stalker who tried to kill her… and revealed she will stay on the site where she makes $1,700-a-video despite safety risks,” the article further reported.

The family appeared on Good Morning America on Friday to tell their story after sitting down with the New York Times.

“After talking to both my parents, I thought it would be mutual if I got in contact with him directly. I said, ‘Hey, can you stop going through my friends and stop contacting people for information about me just come straight to me and you can purchase it all from me.”‘ Ava said.

When Justin started requesting more explicit content, her father, Rob, intervened to tell the 18-year-old that his daughter was a minor and he needed to stop contacting her.

“I wasn’t sending anything of my body,’’ Ava told the Times. “It was just pictures of my face, which is what I assume that he was paying for. My whole thing is my pretty smile — that’s my content.”

Ava would end up blocking him, and eventually he ended up at the family’s doorstep with gun in hand, shooting open the front door. Ava’s bedroom was just inside the front door.

“All I remember was, I heard it, I felt it in my chest, and I looked up, and there was a hole in my door from the fragments,” she said, adding that she ran through a connecting bathroom to her brothers’ room, clutching a blanket, water bottle and her cellphone.

Rob said Justin “seemed apologetic” when he had contacted him, and he dismissed a friend of Ava’s warning that Justin had contacted him and warned him that he planned to hurt her.

“I negated it and said, ‘The person we suspect is the author of any of these, he lives in Maryland he is young, probably doesn’t have the means to act on any of these things,'” the father said.

When he was killed, Justin was armed with a shotgun and was wearing a vest that contained multiple rounds of ammunition, the Daily Mail reported. He also had two phones containing hundreds of photos of Ava and some of her TikTok videos.

But the traumatic incident has not altered the money-making actions of Ava, nor has it prompted her parents to stop the enterprise.

“Today Ava Majury remains on TikTok, where she is netting thousands of dollars in sponsorship deals and has attracted interest from Hollywood, including from reality TV producers,” the New York Times reported. “Her TikTok fame has brought sponsorship opportunities on Instagram and Snapchat, too. Instagram, owned by Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has also been accused of causing mental and emotional health problems among teenage female users.”

Her father said of the possibility of removing his daughter from TikTok, “Her creations, her contacts, her videos became such a big part of her that to take it away would have been hard.”

“We chose what’s best for our family,” Ava’s mother, Kim Majury, said. “We know there are going to be two sides, and some people won’t understand.’’

Social media users don’t seem to agree with the parent’s decision to continue allowing their daughter to exploit her image in exchange for money.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses from Twitter:

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