Regime media host stunned by poll showing 62 percent want illegals deported

Public opinion on the president’s border crisis had a Sunday show talking head addled over the amount of support for mass deportation.

“So what exactly do people think they’re supporting?”

(Video Credit: CBS News)

Efforts to force amnesty, open borders, and the myriad of other globalist fantasies have seen the combined forces of corporate media and establishment politicians spinning and scheming to nudge the Overton Window into alignment with their objectives.

Despite all the heavy lifting, a new CBS News/YouGov poll found a considerable majority in support of booting all illegal aliens, leaving “Face the Nation” moderator Margaret Brennan somewhere between stunned and straining to course-correct.

Joined by Anthony Salvanto, CBS News elections and surveys director, the host was confronted with the results of the June 5-7 survey that found 62% of registered voters favor, as he put it, “in principle, a new government program to deport all undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. illegally.”

As she called for the analyst to “unpack” those in favor of upholding the rule of law and national sovereignty, Brennan turned to data from the Department of Homeland Security — led by Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas who was impeached for dereliction of duty — and contended, “President Biden has already deported or repatriated more people in the past year than any year since 2010.”

“And then, depending on the details of what’s talked about on the campaign trail, some of what Mr. Trump talks about could be illegal, it doesn’t seem practical, in some sense, to round up children,” she continued leaning into rhetoric. “And then we know that the courts have questioned whether local authorities would have the ability to do it. And federal authorities don’t have the resources. So what exactly do people think they’re supporting?”

Responding broadly, Salvanto expressed, “When you measure public sentiment on this — or really, just about any policy — you’re getting a sense of direction. You’re getting broad brush strokes. But those kinds of details, that’s often up to the legislatures and the courts later on.”

The opinion came in the wake of President Biden’s recent executive order, considered by many to be a last-ditch effort to salvage support after allowing millions to enter the country illegally over three years, that at best slowed the entry of some foreign nationals making their way to the United States.

Despite Brennan’s push against proposals from the GOP and former President Donald Trump, former U.S. Ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman, who served during then-President Barack Obama’s administration, argued that the mere threat of mass deportations would be enough to send aliens racing to America’s northern neighbor.

“These people aren’t just going to sit there and wait to be rounded up,” he’d told the press at a national security conference in Ottawa.

As the polling found Trump was considered the stronger 2024 candidate on the border, Salvanto added, “We are in a different era in which a lot of folks say the system as a whole is not working. And all of these, if you connect the dots through them, are part of that reaction against it, which explains some of that general sentiment for some of these policies.”

“It’s really just kind of a ‘do something,'” concluded Brennan.

Kevin Haggerty


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