Trump rips Biden’s scam border order: ‘It’s weak, it’s ineffective, it’s bullsh*t, what he signed’

Donald Trump is not buying President Joe Biden’s “border crackdown,” as the New York Times eagerly described an executive order signed by the 81-year-old president that effectively allows up to 1.8 million illegal immigrants to enter the United States annually.

“It’s weak, it’s ineffective, it’s bullsh*t what he signed,” the former president said Sunday at a rally in Las Vegas.

The crowd was in full agreement, as those gathered began chanting, “Bullsh*t! Bullsh*t! Bullsh*t!”

The order shuts down asylum claims by illegal immigrants when encounters between ports of entry reach a daily average of 2,500 over the course of a week—which means business as usual on the wide open border until then. This activity includes hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens gaining entry through the CBP One app, which Biden introduced in January 2023, and untold numbers of “gotaways” who escaped any encounter with the Border Patrol.

“We’re going to end the weak and failed regime of Crooked Joe Biden, the worst president in the history of our country, and we’re gonna Make America Great Again,” Trump declared at the rally. “For three and a half years, the people of Nevada have had a front-row seat to Joe Biden’s evil and criminal obliteration of our southern border. It was criminal what he’s done.”

“Did you see the other day he came out with a little plan? Let’s make it a little bit tougher because he’s getting killed in the polls. We’re leading here by like 12 points, you know that. All we have to do is stop the steal, and we have it made. Just stop this steal. We can’t let that happen again,” the presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee added. “Last week, Crooked Joe signed an executive order that is pro-invasion, pro-child trafficking, pro-woman trafficking, pro-human trafficking, and pro-drug dealers. It’s a pro-drug dealer bill.

“It’s weak, it’s ineffective, it’s bullsh*t what he signed!”

With the election less than 6 months away, Biden took action that the media can sell as cracking down on the border crisis he created — the action comes after the president declared for the longest time that there was nothing he could do, and after more than 10 million illegal immigrants have entered the country on his watch.

Trump told rallygoers that he will win the state of Nevada, saying he will “knock off the Biden crime family.”

Tom Tillison


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