Rep. Chip Roy says GOP will own border crisis if party gives Dems $1.7T ‘blank check’ omnibus bill

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) blasted those Republicans who would support giving the Biden administration a “blank check” in the form of a $1.65 trillion omnibus spending bill this week, warning that the GOP will take ownership of the overwhelming border crisis if they do.

“Democrats want to simply throw more money at the border and then process more human beings while they’re getting abused,” Roy stated on “Fox News Sunday.”

(Video: Fox News)

“We’ve been running on this being the Biden border crisis,” Roy continued. “This the McConnell-Republican border crisis if we give them more money this week without demanding that they secure the border, and do more bloated spending and giving DHS money with a blank check.”

As BizPac Review recently reported, Democrats in Congress are seeking “to prevent overcrowding that would create dangerous and inhumane conditions” by restricting the number of illegal immigrants in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention by capping the number at 25,000 migrants at a time.

The move would reduce the agency’s capacity by more than 25% and release untold thousands of migrants onto the streets of America.

By agreeing to an omnibus spending package to keep the government running in 2023, Republicans would lose any leverage they had as the House majority to push back against the Biden administration’s progressive policies.

According to Fox News, Biden’s administration is “requesting a $3.5 billion increase from last year for managing border.”

“Secretary [of Defense Lloyd Austin] is correct that we should have an appropriations process where we fund our men and women in uniform without it being a continuing resolution,” Roy stated. “However, that can’t be an excuse for us to just give a blank check to the Democrats– $50 billion in non-defense discretionary, money that’s gonna go fund an FBI that labeled parents as domestic terrorists, money that’s going to a DHS that doesn’t secure the Homeland… money that’s gonna go to all of the woke policies at the Department of Defense.”

“Republicans are about to literally give the Biden administration a blank check,” he continued. “So their opening shots, after having their rear ends handed to them in November, [are] to redefine marriage and stomp on religious liberty, pass a $1.7 trillion bloated spending bill that won’t allow us to secure the border.”

“And they wonder why Republicans across the country are mad at them,” Roy concluded.

The Texas lawmaker isn’t the only Republican to criticize the GOP.

Last week, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) stated that Republicans “emasculated” themselves by caving to the Democrats’ desires.


Speaking to Fox Business host Larry Kudlow on Wednesday, Paul said that “41 votes would stop the big spending.”

“If 41 [Senate Republicans] said no and held our ground until there was a compromise, we could force Democrats to reduce spending,” he argued. “We have completely and totally abdicated the power of the purse. Republicans are emasculated. They have no power, and they are unwilling to gain that power back.”

Melissa Fine


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