Reported Biden intel deal persuading Israel to rethink Rafah offensive draws outrage AND distrust

Outrage is exploding across the Internet over a report that President Joe Biden is using an ultimatum to withhold vital intelligence from Israel.

Filed by The Washington Post on Saturday, the report states that the Biden administration knows the precise coordinates of key Hamas leaders but will only turn them over if Israel promises not to proceed with its planned ground invasion of Rafah.

“The Biden administration, working urgently to stave off a full-scale Israeli invasion of Rafah, is offering Israel valuable assistance if it holds back, including sensitive intelligence to help the Israeli military pinpoint the location of Hamas leaders and find the group’s hidden tunnels,” the report reads.

“American officials have also offered to help provide thousands of shelters so Israel can build tent cities — and to help with the construction of delivery systems for food, water and medicine — so that Palestinians evacuated from Rafah can have a habitable place to live,” the report continues.

The Post goes on to explicitly admit that the president and his aides are pursuing this strategy specifically “in hopes they will persuade Israel to conduct a more limited and targeted operation in [Rafah].”

In other words, the president has given Israel an ultimatum: Either stop with your effort to go into Rafah and once and for all eradicate the terrorists who murdered 1,300 people last October, or we the United States won’t hand over our intelligence.

This quid pro quo deal is in effect basically what Democrats accused his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, of doing, which was delaying vital aid to Ukraine unless they gave him dirt on Hunter Biden.

As a result, Republican critics now argue that Biden deserves to be impeached just like his predecessor. Sen. Tom Cotton has even gone so far as to accuse Biden of pursuing this deal to please his anti-Israel base and thus up his chances of reelection come November.

“Now some people say Joe Biden is doing this for reelection, which would be bad enough,” Cotton told reporters last week. “It would also, I have to add, be grounds for impeachment under the Democrats’ Trump-Ukraine standard — withholding foreign aid to help one’s reelection. Only with Joe Biden, it’s true.”


That being said, the public’s response to the Post’s reporting has been interesting. Some have claimed that Israel traditionally boasts much better intelligence than the U.S., and that President Biden’s administration is in this case likely outright lying to trick Israel into doing its bidding — something that may even be worse than the quid pro quo deal outlined by the Post.


Others meanwhile say this shouldn’t just mean Biden’s impeachment — it should mean the end of his corrupt, backward presidency.

“[T]his is close to treasonous,” one critic tweeted. “Biden has been aiding enemies of the US and our allies in withholding that info. He needs to be held accountable & removed from office if this is true.”

Vivek Saxena


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