RFK Jr. explains his ‘lusty’ comment about butt of scantily-clad OnlyFans model

While it may not rank up there with the great political scandals of our time, presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is being called out for appearing to lust over a scantily-clad woman on TikTok.

Not that RFK Jr. is owning up to a risqué comment about the woman with a rather large, barely covered derriere posted from his official account back in September 2022.

The Democrat-turned-Independent candidate is faulting a social media manager for the sin and, just like any good “scandal,” the breakdown gets complicated.

Kennedy’s campaign stressed that it could not have been their guy because he didn’t even have a TikTok account until seven months after the comment was made.

More from the Daily Mail:

And now, rather than let anyone think that their candidate has eyes for anyone other than his wife, Curb Your Enthusiasm actress Cheryl Hines, the Kennedy campaign has named and shamed a young campaign aide for leaving the message.

They identified him as social media manager Rijoun Murphy, 33, from Georgia.


The account is under his name and is verified with a blue check, but they have a ready answer for that.

“When Mr. Kennedy announced his run for the presidency in April of 2023 the team wanted it broadcasted on every social media platform, including TikTok,” Kennedy spokeswoman Stefanie Spear explained. “However, TikTok does not allow live streaming for accounts that have less than 1,000 followers.”

To get around that roadblock, Murphy agreed to do the candidate a solid.

“The social media manager decided to transfer his account which had more than 1,000 followers to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in order to stream Kennedy’s announcement on TikTok,” Spear said.

The spokeswoman said that resulted in Murphy’s previous personal comments — including the lusty “wow” — being re-labeled as coming from the Kennedy campaign account.

Another campaign aide added, “In the rush of his preparation, it never occurred to him that any previous comments he had made would then be attributed to RFK.”

The candidate said as much in a series of tweets, which began with Kennedy asking, “Do people really think I was TikToking in 2022?”

So crisis avoided?

According to NY Magazine, RFK Jr. was a compulsive womanizer, a Kennedy trademark, who allegedly had affairs with 37 women in 2001 — he married Hines in 2014. So there’s plenty of fodder for the prerequisite media-hyped sexual harassment claims that befall presidential candidates not within the good graces of the Democratic Party machine.

Tom Tillison


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