RFK Jr. offers Biden a deal that could be a 2024 gamechanger

He may not have made the stage for the CNN presidential debate but third-party candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is making headlines with an offer to President Joe Biden that could shake up the 2024 election.

The scion of the Kennedy family political dynasty sat down with Dr. Phil McGraw for an interview set to air before Thursday’s debate between Biden and presumptive GOP nominee Donald J. Trump and he revealed that he offered a deal to the geriatric incumbent that he believes could be the best shot at preventing the former president from returning to the White House.

RFK Jr. who has been labeled as a “spoiler” who could sink Biden’s reelection by siphoning off liberal votes explained to Dr. Phil that he proposed a deal that could eliminate that threat, but it could come with a steep cost for the 81-year-old career politician.

(Video Credit: Merit Street Media)

“We will co-fund a poll together, the two of us in October, and whomever is least likely to beat Donald Trump will withdraw,” he told Dr. Phil, according to the Daily Mail.

“Do I expect that he will take that deal? No, but I’m not a spoiler. A spoiler is somebody who cannot win and they stay in and disrupt the expectations of somebody who can,” Kennedy said.

RFK Jr. has cited a Zogby Strategies poll that shows Trump easily beating Biden in a two-man race, himself narrowly defeating Trump in a head-to-head contest and Kennedy clobbering Biden in a two-way race, winning by a landslide.

“To be a spoiler, a candidate has to fulfill two requirements — first, they must not be able to win themselves, and, second, by participating in the election, they must prevent someone else from winning who otherwise would,” Kennedy said in a May statement.

The wide-ranging 90-minute one-on-one with the beloved talk show host covers a number of other issues, one of them being the heightened possibility of a nuclear war with Russia over Ukraine, a conflict that the Biden administration recklessly continues to escalate.

The candidate recalled the work of his slain uncle, President John F. Kennedy, in preventing a nuclear conflagration during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, drawing comparisons to today.

“My uncle had already ordered [the missiles] out and the military had defied them. My uncle and father made a secret deal to move the missiles out as long as nobody spoke about the deal,” he told McGraw of what is widely regarded as one of the most dangerous moments in the nation’s history.

He expressed concern that Biden’s planning with NATO could draw the U.S. “closer to a nuclear war than at any time in history since 1962.”

“It’s all just like it was during World War I, it’s people in office sleepwalking us into a conflict that we should have nothing to do with,” Kennedy said.

“CNN and the incumbents just wittingly bucked decades of democratic traditions and the will of millions of American voters by excluding me from the debate. Why? Are they afraid I can win the election? They should be,” Kennedy said in a post to X, inviting people to watch his alternative debate, tabbed the “real debate” which will stream during the nationally televised CNN event.

His interview with Dr. Phil airs at 7:00 p.m. ET on Merit Street Media.

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