Riot police respond after trans mob disrupts proceedings at Montana capitol

In another of the anti-democracy incidents that have become commonplace in today’s acrimonious political atmosphere, a mob of left-wing activists stormed the Montana state Capitol to protest the censure of a transgender lawmaker who said that Republicans would have “blood on their hands” if they moved to restrict sex change surgery for minors.

On Monday, the horde of screaming miscreants shut down proceedings in the state House of Representatives in Helena, prompting a response from riot police who intervened to restore order after the mob took over the building, chanting in support of Zooey Zephyr, the Missoula Democrat who was banned from speaking over his/her hyperbolic rhetoric in defense of the practice of the genital mutilation procedures.

Last week, Montana Speaker of the House Matt Regier, a Republican from Kalispell, deemed Zephyr’s comments on a bill to ban the “gender-affirming care” for minors to be a “violation of decorum,” according to the Helena Independent Record which reported that 7 of the protesters were arrested for their role in the ‘transsurrection.’

The censured Zephyr punched in for a debate on the bill but was denied, leading to House Democrats objecting in an attempt to induce a full House vote to overrule Regier and allow the trans activist lawmaker to speak, but after decorum was upheld, the protesters threw a tantrum.

According to the Independent Record, “Someone then yelled ‘bullsh*t’ from the gallery and the crowd erupted with chants of ‘Let her speak!’ and ‘Whose House? Our House!'”

A video posted to Twitter shows the shutting down of the procedures by the troublemakers who chanted

Zephyr issued a press release stating that the disruption of the legislative proceedings was a “defense of democracy” a truly Orwellian definition of the term which has been hijacked and completely bastardized by the radicalized left which is waging a cultural revolution in America so as to no longer even remotely resemble its traditional meaning.

The surgeries which chop off the penises and testicles of young boys and slice away the breasts of young girls, inflict irreversible damage on those who aren’t psychologically developed to the point where they can make informed decisions, and with increased awareness of the highly lucrative sex change industry drawing opposition from elected lawmakers, those seeking to impose their ideological cult beliefs on all of America have increasingly resorted to disruption and violence to intimidate their opposition.

“House Republicans condemn violence and will always stand for civil debate and respect for our processes of government,” Speaker Regier, House Majority Leader Sue Vinton and Speaker Pro Tempore Rhonda Knudsen said in a statement. “Today’s riot by far-left agitators damages our discourse and endangered legislators and staff. Their actions did not represent Montana values. We want to thank our law enforcement for maintaining order and protecting the safety of everyone at the Capitol. House leadership will still stand firm in our commitment to decorum, safety, and order. We will uphold the people’s will that sent 68 Republicans to Helena.”


Chris Donaldson


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