Ron Paul eviscerates Mike Johnson for ‘stiffing’ the Republicans who got him elected as speaker

Former US Congressman Ron Paul leveled House Speaker Mike Johnson in a fiery video message this week.

The Libertarian Party lawmaker, who served as representative for Texas, called out the GOP leader for selling out to Democrats in a scathing video from his “Weekly Report.”

“Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is reported to have bragged to his colleagues about how easily Speaker Johnson gave Democrats everything they wanted and asked for nothing in return,” the 88-year-old father of Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said.

“In the worst example of bipartisanship, Johnson reached across the aisle, stiffed the Republican majority that elected him speaker, and pushed through a massive gift to the warfare corporate welfare state,” he continued, referring to the staggering foreign aid package passed through Congress.

“After the House voted to send another $60 billion to notoriously corrupt Ukraine, members waved Ukrainian flags on the House floor and chanted, ‘Ukraine! Ukraine!’” Paul added.


“While I find it distasteful and disgusting, in some ways, it seemed fitting,” Paul said.

His full remarks can be seen in the video below:



Frieda Powers


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