‘There’s somebody behind this’: NYPD reveal disturbing findings among highly organized protest encampments

Talk about arriving a little late to the party, NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Operations Kaz Daughtry believes there are forces “behind” the radical pro-Hamas protests on college campuses.

“There is somebody behind this movement, there is some organization behind this movement, the level of organization that we’re seeing in both of these campuses, here (NYU) and at Colombia, leaflets on how to protest, leaflets on how to commit civil disobedience, leaflets on what to do when you get arrested. Leaflets on what to say to the police,” he said.

“There is somebody funding this, there is somebody radicalizing our students and our deputy commissioner of counterterrorism intelligence — we’ll find out who it is and we’ll be, we’re gonna be asking them some questions when we do.”

Another NYPD official read aloud a flyer that was found, suggesting this was the “mindset” of some of the protesters: “Occupy the occupier. Enter the temporary autonomous zone from New York to Gaza from across Turtle Island. Disrupt, reclaim, destroy Zionist business interests everywhere. Death to Israel real estate. Death to America on schools. Long live the intifada.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said the protests were “hijacked” by “outside agitators” with ties to “terrorist groups.” He also pointed out that nearly 30 percent of the people arrested at Columbia were not students, and 60 percent of those arrested at City College were not affiliated with that school.

As for who is radicalizing students, the NYPD may need to look no further than the professors at the schools. Funding is a whole other matter. A convoluted matter involving dark money, left-wing non-profits, the billionaire-fueled Rockefeller Fund, and the Ford Foundation. And George Soros, though so-called fact-checkers like Snopes are quick to do the heavy lifting to exonerate the billionaire.

The money pouring into these encampments mimics what was seen during the Black Lives Matter riots in 2020, and the financial support Antifa enjoys when pursuing the proper cause du jour:

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) took fire from the complicit media this week when he mentioned Soros.

“I think [FBI officials] need to look at the root causes and find out if some of this was funded by, I don’t know, George Soros or overseas entities,” Johnson said. “There’s a sort of a common theme and a common strategy that seems to be pursued on many of these campuses.”

Fox News senior national correspondent William La Jeunesse filed a report on the nonprofit Tides receiving donations from Soros while donating millions to pro-Palestine rallies.

The network also reported that the National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP) “has had a vocal presence at Columbia University in recent days.”

“NSJP operates under Westchester Peace Action Committee Foundation (WESPAC),” Fox News reported, noting that the latter “received a six-figure donation from a nonprofit bankrolled by the George Soros network.”

Jewish Voice for Peace is another group active at Columbia, and it “has brought in at least $650,000 from Soros-linked groups since 2016,” according to Fox News.

U.S. Rep. Anthony D’Esposito (R-NY) appeared on Fox Business to say the Republican-controlled House will investigate this outside support.

It’s absolutely orchestrated,” the lawmaker said. “I mean, it doesn’t take a decorated New York City detective to tell that when you walk onto the campus of Columbia or other campuses throughout the country and you look at videos of tents and all of the tents are, are almost identical.”

“I even heard from some law enforcement sources that there was individuals at some of the protests that legitimately had their desks set up on a shopping cart where they were checking people in, and making sure that they were getting payment, be it by cash or by Venmo,” D’Esposito added. “So, these are absolutely choreographed. We have seen that educational institutions across this country, specifically ones like Colombia, have become Petri dishes for hate.”

The reality here is that this is nothing new, especially with groups like the Ford Foundation. It has been going on for years, and some are just now waking up.

Tom Tillison


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