Sage Steele asks permission to be ‘really mean’ before she lets turncoat ‘The View’ host have it

During a conversation about actor Robert De Niro’s recent pro-Biden rant, Sage Steele took the opportunity to spit fire at ‘The View’ co-host Alyssa Farrah Griffin.

Griffin sounded the alarm about the race between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, revealing the anxieties experienced by those who have thrown their lot behind the incumbent.

“The time is running out,” she claimed. “We are six months out. We have to be honest. There is a chance this guy could win if we don’t start fighting harder.”

As Biden’s desirability wanes, Democrats are growing more desperate to disqualify Trump from the presidential race. They are pulling out all the stops including trotting out actors like De Niro to fearmonger in favor of keeping Biden in the White House. This was a point of humor to the ‘Gutfeld!’ crew, but Steele wanted to take a minute to remind the audience just who Farrah Griffin is.

“Can I just real quick be really mean? I need to. I don’t wanna give Alyssa too much credit because how often have we been able to say she’s right? She worked for the Trump White House,” Steele pointed out. “Her entire career is because of the Trump White House, and she was behind everybody there, and then all of a sudden he loses the election and what does she do? She jumps to CNN and now to The View.”

“She’s an opportunist,” Steele continued, eliciting cheers and applause. “That’s it, you’re one and done. We’re done.”

Sierra Marlee


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