‘Same here’: Country music star Brad Paisley’s new song about Ukraine features Zelenskyy

There is a growing concern in America about the seemingly open-ended support for Ukraine, with President Joe Biden pursuing a “blank check” approach in support of the country against Russia, a fear of escalating a war with a nuclear power that could ultimately result in Armageddon.

Which is not to say there isn’t compassion for Ukraine as it fights for its very life, and that compassion was captured by country music star Brad Paisley in a new song he just released. Titled “Same Here,” the song compares life in America to life in war-torn Ukraine and even features Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

“However you talk, whatever you think, from the songs that you sing to the drink that you drink, if you miss your mama and worry ’bout your babies, and love each other like crazy, and want someone to share your hopes and fears, same here,” the song’s chorus reads.

The tune does not mention Ukraine by name, or Zelenskyy, but there is a brief exchange between Paisley and the Ukrainian leader.

“I’ve got a friend across the ocean. Seems like a million miles away,” Paisley sings. “He says our worlds are very different. Yeah, that’s true, but I gotta say, he’s got his own kind of football team that lets him down every year, a wife he loves and a bunch of dreams for his country he holds so dear. He prays for peace and freedom. Same here.”

“Hi, Brad,” Zelenskyy says in the song. Paisley responds, “Hello, Mr. President.”

The Ukrainian president then adds, “We speak different languages in our life. Yes, but I think we appreciate the same things – children, freedom, our flag, our soldiers, our people. The biggest treasure we have. And friends. And we’re proud of our army who defends our freedom and will defend our lives.”

“We’re fighting for our children, our parents to defend our houses and families,” he continues, as Paisley sings the chorus. “There’s no distance between our countries in such values. That is very important to see that they are really in many, in many things really the same.”

In an interview with the Associated Press, the three-time Grammy-winning country music icon said he wrote the song after seeing Russian troops invading Ukraine on the news, saying he did not speak the language of the suffering Ukrainian people but he could “recognize the tears.”

“You can put us in different places with different flags and different languages, but we have so many similarities,” Paisley said. “I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I didn’t sort of swing for the fence with things like this. For me, I’m happiest dealing with stuff as a songwriter that’s very true and very, very passionate. And sometimes I don’t know if you’d call it risky, but it’s more like it’s bigger than me.”

“The world felt like it was in a new place that it hadn’t been in decades,” he added.

Tom Tillison


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