‘An evil thing to say’: Joy Behar suggested pro-Trump East Palestine residents to blame for own disaster

Joy Behar is known for spewing her pro-Democratic Party hatred on ABC’s “The View,” and she more than lived down to the low expectations rational people may have for her on Thursday’s show when she essentially blamed the suffering residents of East Palestine, Ohio, for the environmental disaster they are now living through because they voted for Donald Trump.

The town is the site of the Norfolk Southern train derailment three weeks ago that resulted in the decision to burn off toxic chemicals in a number of rail cars. Five cars contained vinyl chloride, which becomes hydrogen chloride and phosgene when burned — phosgene is a deadly gas that was used during World War I.

“I don’t know why they would ever vote for him, for somebody who, by the way, he placed someone with deep ties to the chemical industry in charge of the EPA’s chemical safety office,” Behar said. “That’s who you voted for in that district. Donald Trump, who reduces all safety.”

Further politicizing the ecological disaster, Sunny Hostin quipped as the show was going to a break, “I think this is Donald Trump’s fault.”

Meghan McCain, who was previously the conservative co-host of the show and got kicked around by the four liberals at the table, blasted Behar.

“The people of east Palestine are currently in fear that they and their children will be getting cancer or worse from the derailment toxins in their land and water. This is just an evil thing to say. I would say I can’t fathom this level of cruelty and elitism but sadly… I can,” McCain tweeted.

McCain was far from alone in condemning Behar, with many on social media wondering when, if ever, ABC will hold the 80-year-old cohost accountable for all the hateful things she says on air.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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