San Fran Democrat wants to ban security guards from drawing weapons as violent crime rages

Despite San Francisco being overwhelmed with crime, one Democrat lawmaker predictably seeks to make things even worse.

On Tuesday, San Francisco Board of Supervisors member Dean E. Preston proposed new legislation “to limit the use of guns by security guards.”

“We must amend local law to prohibit guards from drawing weapons just to protect property. Human life is more important than property,” he tweeted.

Included with the tweet was a video.


“Hey everyone. District 5 supervisor Dean Preston. As the pressure continues to mount for the district attorney to release the video tape of a Walgreens security guard shooting and killing Banko Brown, we also need to take some action to make sure this never happens again,” he said in the video.

“That’s why today, at the board of supervisors, I will be calling for legislation to specifically prohibit security guards from drawing their weapons to protect property. Human life is more important than property. We need to change our local law so that security guards cannot unholster their weapons just to protect property,” he added.

Banko Brown was a black trans thief who was fatally killed by a Walgreens security guard during a shoplifting incident that occurred on April 27th.

Following Brown’s death, San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins, a black woman, declined to press charges, arguing in a statement that the Walgreens security guard had acted in self-defense when he’d opened fire on Brown.

“The evidence clearly shows that the suspect believed he was in mortal danger and acted in self-defense. The killing of Mr. Banko Brown on April 27, 2023 was a tragedy and my heart breaks for his friends and family,” she said.

Not surprisingly given the location (California), her decision prompted massive outrage from left-wing activists who argue that Brown was “murdered” and that the security guard should have just let him steal whatever he wanted.

Preston happens to be among these leftists. However, these leftists are definitely the minority, as evidenced by the huge pushback he got on social media after he proposed his idea of prohibiting security guards from taking action.


The only discrepancy in the Brown case is that it’s not closed quite yet, in part because Jenkins’ office has thus far refused to release video footage of the Walgreens security guard shooting him.

Perhaps in response to the backlash she’s faced from left-wing activists, Jenkins released a new statement on Monday addressing the video concerns and also claiming her office is still investigating what happened.

“The investigation into the killing of Banko Brown is ongoing. I hear and understand the concerns from people calling for transparency, but releasing any evidence before the investigation is complete could compromise the investigation and is unethical,” her statement read.

“If a final decision to charge the suspect is made, this case will be prosecuted in the courtroom, not in the press or on social media. All evidence will be presented in the courts. If a final decision is made to not charge in this case, my office will publicly release a comprehensive report that provides a full accounting of the evidence reviewed and how the decision was made because I understand the public’s need for a higher degree of transparency in this case,” it continued.

Vivek Saxena


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