San Francisco serving free vodka shots to homeless alcoholics, what could go wrong?

California has long had a reputation for being a trendsetter and a controversial program that gives free alcohol to the homeless is raising eyebrows.

The city of San Francisco’s “managed alcohol program” which costs taxpayers $5 million a year, passes out vodka shots and glasses of beer and wine to some of the city by the bay’s most wretched citizens.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the “controlled doses” of booze are distributed by nurses who give out the “equivalent of one to two drinks three to four times per day — doling out either 1.7 ounces of vodka or liquor, 5 ounces of wine, or 12 ounces of beer.”

But some would question the idea of whether feeding more booze to alcoholics is a wise idea, especially considering what appears to be lax oversight, according to a thread on X by Adam Nathan, a tech CEO and chair of the Salvation Army San Francisco Metro Advisory Board.

“Did you know San Francisco spends $2 million a year on a “Managed Alcohol Program?” It provides free Alcohol to people struggling with chronic alcoholism who are mostly homeless. I stumbled upon the building where they have this program. This is what I saw,” he wrote, undershooting the program cost by 60 percent, according to the Chronicle’s numbers.

“The location is an old hotel in SOMA. Inside the lobby, they had a kegs set up to taps where they were basically giving out free beer to the homeless who’ve been identified with AUD (Alcohol Use Disorder),” he wrote, adding that one thing that troubled him was that “It’s set up so people in the program just walk in and grab a beer, and then another one. All day.”

“The whole thing is very odd to me and just doesn’t feel right. Providing free drugs to drug addicts doesn’t solve their problems. It just stretches them out. Where’s the recovery in all of this?” Nathan asked.

“Are we just going to manage people’s addictions with our taxpayer dollars in perpetuity forever? It seems like that’s basically what we’re saying,” one recovering heroin addict told the Chronicle. “I think we should be spending that money on detox and recovery.”

X users weren’t among the proponents of the taxpayer-funded program that subsidizes that bad behavior of alcoholics.

Once one of the most pristine cities in the nation, decades of one-party Democrat rule have transformed San Fran into a hellhole hellhole strewn with human feces, drug needles where homeless addicts and liquored up vagrants wander like zombies in streets where the squalor is reminiscent of some of the worst third world slums on the planet.

It’s hard to know what to expect next from San Francisco, the capital of hairbrained ideas like reparations and basically legalizing shoplifting.

Only in a city that Nancy Pelosi calls home could anyone think that feeding booze to alcoholic bums is a good idea.

Chris Donaldson


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