‘Queers For Palestine’ protesters block Disney World exit in Florida – arrested ‘within 11 minutes’

Raising the bar for rounding up rabble-rousers, Florida’s Highway Patrol set a benchmark when shutting down Disney-blocking “Queers For Palestine.”

On the eve of Mother’s Day, Hamas sympathizers in Central Florida showed themselves to be both ineffectual and uncommitted when they unfurled their anti-Israel banners to block the highway in Orlando. While their chants of “from the river to the sea” were met with honks and at least one confrontation with a driver who was having none of it, the scene had a marked difference when the blare of sirens drew near Disney World.

“The ‘Queers For Palestine’ protesters who blocked the highway exit to Disney World in Orlando, FL, have been arrested by Florida Highway Patrol,” reported Fox News national correspondent Bill Melugin with images shared by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

“I’m told they were arrested within 11 minutes,” added Melugin. “Florida continues [with] zero tolerance for blocking traffic.”

Bryan Griffin, communications director for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), lauded the response from law enforcement with a bar-raising caption to that post, “11 minutes. Maybe we can shave off a couple more next time…Florida doesn’t mess around. Don’t block our roads!”

Prior to the arrival of the Florida Highway Patrol, the handful of keffiyeh-clad disruptors had spread out ahead of the exit with banners reading “Free Palestine” and “Lookup Nakba 1948,” a reference to the Arabic term for the founding to the state of Israel meaning “catastrophe.”

The groups social media account featured an image of one of the activists standing atop a vehicle with a megaphone, conducting the chants of the others with the slogans that sought the end of the Jewish state.

Within moments of the highway holdup, one man was seen in video confronting the terrorist sympathizers, informing them, “You are losing people to your cause because of this…You are causing people to actually hate you.”

In response, the out-of-touch protester who remained oblivious to what Hamas would think about “queers,” shouted at the man, “Go f*ck yourself. 45,000 people dead.”

That message came from the front seat of a car that had driven around the banners after the activist had heard the sirens and immediately ran for her vehicle — abandoning the sign holders to be arrested.

More meaningless solidarity came on social media when the group tried to brag about their blockade while also complaining that they had reached the “find out” stage of fooling around with Florida law enforcement. With three arrests made, the protesters posted a link to fundraise for bail, only to report that bail was being withheld for their “community members.”

The failures of “Queers For Palestine” were a source of entertainment for many who also made sure to share their love for the Florida Highway Patrol for restoring order to the roads in Orlando that families might still have fun over the weekend.

Kevin Haggerty


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