Sarah Palin claims Fox News canned her by telling her ex-husband: ‘They didn’t have the guts to call me’

Former Alaska governor and Fox News contributor Sarah Palin sat down with Newsmax host Eric Bolling on Monday and revealed that when she got the boot at the network, executives didn’t even have the guts to call her and told her ex-husband she was terminated instead.

(Video Credit: Newsmax)

Fox News called Todd Palin, Sarah Palin’s husband at the time, and told him that the network was moving on and that the former governor’s contributions were no longer needed, according to her claim.

Palin appeared on Bolling’s show “The Balance” to discuss Tucker Carlson’s explosive departure from Fox News. He is also a former host of the network.

Bolling torched Fox News, echoing former host Megyn Kelly on the hit job against Tucker Carlson.

“The PR department is hard at work over at Fox working their magic for the Murdochs… planting, spreading. These are hit jobs and they are pros at hit jobbing. Make no mistake about that. The attacks are not just professional. They’re fiercely personal. It’s ugly. And now we know what colors Fox wears and none of them seem to be red, white, or blue,” he said.

“My audience now is realizing that Fox News started to move left,” Bolling told Palin during the interview. “They wanted to cast a wide net to bring in more liberal voices, to bring in more progressives, to maybe get more progressive viewers. And they got it but at the expense of the MAGA and the true conservatives. What say you?”

(Video Credit: Megyn Kelly)

“Right,” Palin replied. “It’s not just Fox News. of course. It’s these corporate-owned woke disconnected elites who call the shots in lame-stream media and they look at us as just the peons, just the subjects, and perhaps people would perceive me as being biased, though, when we speak of Fox because I got canned, too. And I don’t want to – I don’t want to interject any of my bias in the way that they operate.”

She then got candid about her departure from Fox News in 2015.

“But I will tell you one thing about the way they operate,” she offered. “When I was informed that I was no longer working for them, I wasn’t even informed! They didn’t have the guts to call me. They called my now ex-husband. And I thought that was really weird and weak. And I just said I wouldn’t speak ill of them, but I just spoke ill of them, yes. But you know what? They have underestimated the will of the people. They have underestimated our wisdom and our desire with that freedom of speech to have truth spoken to power, to have information so we can make up our own minds about these issues.”

Bolling then stepped in to suggest that maybe Fox News has gone too far in firing Tucker Carlson.

“You know, you hit something very important. The freedom of speech and the freedom of expression and the diversity of views. Okay, I get that but Fox had always represented… while I was there eleven years. While I was there it always represented all of the gamut of conservative voices. For some reason, they thought it was a good idea to move their target from conservative… the wide… the full target being conservative voices and audience to somehow capture more. They got greedy,” Bolling noted.

“They wanted more. They wanted leftists. They wanted centrists. They wanted leftists too. They wanted to be ABC, I guess, and they underestimated the actual true conservative voices and then this whole firing of Tucker. I believe they think they’ll recover from Tucker the way they recovered from Bill O’Reilly, Eric Bolling, and Megyn Kelly. Maybe not this time,” he posited.

Palin adamantly agreed and predicted the downfall of Fox News.

“No, not this time, they won’t because Tucker was the anchor to that entire evening’s lineup. And look at now all of the shows nightly aired on Fox. They’re all diminishing in terms of ratings. Yeah, Tucker anchored that, so I don’t think they’re gonna recover,” she commented.

“In your monologue, you hit the nail on the head, Eric, when you spoke about truth… the desire for truth from the audience, from the people. And when that is stymied and my opinion is Fox wanted to stymie exposure of a lot of issues because it made the left look bad because it’s accurate. But once the Murdoch’s sons came into the picture and their wives are very liberal. I think proudly living out that label, that they’re very leftist, liberal. That personal influence on the corporate culture I think was very strong and it’s insurmountable,” Palin flatly stated, alluding to the fact that the wives of the Murdoch sons are both allegedly connected to the Clintons.

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