Scary moment sports announcer suffers medical emergency on air sparks rash of theories

Video of sports announcer Bob Rathbun appearing to suffer a frightening medical emergency on camera is shocking social media.

The 28-second-long clip sparked a flurry of speculation as Rathbun can be seen dropping his papers and shaking before the camera cuts away.


Bally Sports South Twitter account released a short statement, claiming Rathbun was simply “dehydrated” which resulted in a loss of consciousness, but not everyone is buying it:

This event is eerily reminiscent of a similar situation Representative Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., experienced in May 2019. While at a press conference with then-New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Nadler appeared close to losing consciousness, slumping over and falling ill. This, too, was blamed on dehydration and a warm room.

Sierra Marlee


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