Kirk Cameron announces book to fight indoctrination of children: ‘Light will always outshine the darkness’

Just in time for Christmas, actor Kirk Cameron joined the stable of Brave Book authors with a newly released children’s book he hopes will help “fight back” against the “toxic ideas” indoctrinating America’s youth.

No matter the denials, instances of Marxist ideologies being taught throughout the K-12 government education system are widespread and, worse yet, contrary voices are being removed. As such, Cameron, who has made inroads combating secularism (arguably a religion unto itself) through the promotion of homeschooling and his project the American Campfire Revival (ACR), teamed up with the conservative publisher to rebuild “love for God, love for family, and love for country.”

Following the release of “As You Grow” which aims to teach “the Biblical truths of the Fruit of the Spirit,” Cameron joined Fox News Digital by phone to discuss what he has witnessed in the education system and how he hopes to set a better course moving forward.

“We’re seeing that the education of children is critically important for the future,” he said. “And the indoctrination of children into bad and dangerous ideas is spelling disaster for our children’s future.”

“As Bibles are literally being removed from schools and libraries–and as Christianity, and faith, and the Ten Commandments are being taken out of schools and replaced with toxic ideas like transgenderism, CRT and the 1619 project,” Cameron explained, “I’m looking to fight back.”

Following conservative predecessors in the Brave Books lineup like Julie Banderas, Dana Loesch and General Michael Flynn, the actor explained how he has endeavored to do more than just write a book, he has been actively working to make the titles from the publisher accessible.

“I’m putting my new book–along with other books by Brave Books–into America’s schools so that we can begin to rebuild those values and love for God, love for family, and love for country into the future generation,” he said, having already found partnering districts in Florida, Texas and California. “The stakes are high for me. I have six children. So I have a lot invested. And I’ve got grandbabies to think about, as well.”

“It’s no coincidence that we’re seeing these dangerous and toxic ideas such as gender theory and CRT and these kinds of things targeted toward our kids [today],” he told the outlet while explaining in a video on social media how different parenting has become as times have changed.


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“Drag queen story hour and all of that–it’s not a mistake that this is going after the children because everyone understands that whoever controls the textbooks controls the future,” Cameron continued before he explained, “So I think what happened is we just assumed that everyone understood things like faith in God and love for your mom and dad and love for your country. And that we don’t lie, we don’t steal–and love your neighbor as yourself.”

These, he suggested, “were all such obvious truths that no one would question them, especially in America. That’s what our country was built on. But we sort of handed education over to a government system that’s now been infiltrated with those who are fundamentally opposed to those ideas and looking to fundamentally change America.”

“And the way [that people] are doing that is by taking the long-game approach and controlling the education of the children,” he concluded.

Cameron’s messaging remained consistent with his efforts from his documentary, “The Homeschool Awakening,” and his ACR series where he has sought to spark a revival with a focus on faith, history, the Bible and patriotism in the nation.

“Light is always going to outshine the darkness. No amount of darkness can win if the light keeps shining,” he said, telling Fox News that’s “what I’m hoping this little book does. That’s what I’m hoping my documentaries, my movies, my fireside chats do–it’s a light that God will amplify. And I’m not worried about the outcome.”

“As You Grow,” he believes, “is going to help parents and teachers talk to little ones about things like knowing the one who loves you the most.”

As for detractors, Cameron reminded, “we have a great teacher in history that tells us that good people of faith, who love the Bible and these kinds of values, have been in much, much worse situations, facing much greater odds against them, all throughout history. Our country is filled with it and the world is filled with it.” People who “appear to be outnumbered, outgunned, outfunded, with a set of ideas that are not popular in a culture that’s got corrupt government, hypocritical religion and a woke mob wanting to chase them out of town.”

“This is [God’s] story. This is His plan. And that’s where faith comes in, when you say, ‘What can you do to make a difference?’ You know what you can do?” he suggested. “You can say, ‘God, what do you want me to do?'”

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