Schiff accuses DeSantis of peddling anti-Semitic tropes with Soros criticism

As the saying goes, if you’re catching heavy flak, you’re over the target, and the smears directed at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are an indication that his remarks about prosecutors backed by billionaire George Soros are making Democrats very uneasy, one of them being Rep. Adam Schiff.

DeSantis reacted to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s legal lynching of former president Donald J. Trump, the 2024 GOP frontrunner by pointing out that the left-wing prosecutor like others in deep blue cities has been put in place to carry out the malevolent meddler’s ideological agenda.

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When confronted with reality, the default mode of Democrats and their winged monkeys is to smear, smear and smear some more with one of the most potent lines of attack when it comes to Soros being to accuse critics of antisemitism, and that is exactly what the disgraced former House Intel Committee chairman is doing.

Schiff appeared on Sunday’s edition of “Inside with Jen Psaki” on MSNBC where he chatted with the former White House spox about the indictment of Trump before his despicable remarks about the Sunshine State Republican who made it clear that Florida isn’t going to cooperate with any of Bragg’s potential efforts to extradite the ex-POTUS.

Psaki set the table for the lying, conspiracy-mongering former member of the defunct J6 committee by referencing DeSantis’s tweet after the news broke of the grand jury’s indictment in which he called it a “weaponization of the legal system” that is “un-American” while blasting “the Soros-backed” Manhattan DA for abusing the law to target a political adversary of the Democrats.

“What did that statement say to you about Ron DeSantis?” Psaki asked.

“Well, it says that Ron DeSantis will say anything, do anything in hopes of becoming president. It says also a lot about the state of the GOP, and that is you have to attack the justice system you have to speculate about motives, you have to assume the worst,” Schiff replied.

“And in that statement, as, well you have to disregard the law, say won’t extradite someone accused of a crime in order to be competitive in the Republican primary. He goes beyond that, and tries to tie George Soros to this, which is, you know, this not so thinly veiled antisemitic element that is very popular within certain portions of Trump’s base,” he added.

“And how — how despicable is that that this is what’s necessary to compete? Schiff asked. “But I think that’s where he is, he feels the base is still with Donald Trump, and he needs to appeal to them.”

“Yeah, that antisemitic trope is something we’ve seen over and over again in their responses,” Psaki chimed in.

“Now, you’re a Harvard Law School graduate. So is Governor DeSantis. I know you probably took some similar classes,” she asked her slippery guest. “Did you see that? Have you seen some of his comments and think, he probably knows better about the law?”

“He certainly knows better about the law. He knows what his obligation is to extradite someone who is accused of crime in another state. He’s not a stupid person and he understands this very well,” Schiff responded. “But one thing he also understands is, what’s the path to power in the GOP? And the path to power is now catering to the lowest common denominator. That’s I think a terrible use of his legal education. It is, you know, putting ambition over any principle, scruple, nothing else matters except ambition.”

He then blew a few kisses in the direction of two of his January 6 cronies, “You know, I’m reminded of something Adam Kinzinger, my colleague in the January 6th Committee said when he said, it’s not that he and Liz Cheney are so courageous, it’s just that they’re surrounded by cowards.”

“And this is kind of a cowardly action by Ron DeSantis to try to compete with Donald Trump on Trump’s own turf,” Schiff said.

DeSantis hammered Soros’ legal stooges during a Saturday speech before Republicans at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference,

“And now you have this Manhattan district attorney who, his whole platform, when he got elected, was that he was going to downgrade as many felonies as possible to misdemeanors. He was going to keep as many people out of jail, even habitual criminals, as possible,” the governor said of Bragg. “And he was going to go light on all these things as part of, quote, criminal justice reform. So that’s his posture. He doesn’t want to charge people with felonies. So now he turns around, purely for political purposes, and indicts a former president on misdemeanor offenses that they’re straining to try to convert into felonies.”

“That is when you know that the law has been weaponized for political purposes. That is when you know that the left is using that to target their political opponents. And I can tell you this, these Soros-backed DAs, they are a menace to society,” DeSantis added. “They are a menace to the rule of law.”

Chris Donaldson


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