Screaming male ‘Squad’ member verbally assaults Rep. Thomas Massie in childish Capitol meltdown

Today’s up-and-coming crop of young Democrats have much in common with unruly children with their petulant attention-seeking histrionics and on Wednesday, Rep. Jamaal Bowman threw a temper tantrum befitting of a toddler, berating Republican Rep. Thomas Massie in an unhinged rant about gun control.

The New York Democrat along with his fellow party members have been activated by Monday’s mass shooting at a Nashville Christian elementary school where a disturbed transgender murdered six people including three young children, a shocking tragedy that has been exploited by leftists to advance their anti-gun agenda and President Joe Biden’s renewed push to disarm millions of Americans.

(Video: MSNBC)

In a surreal scene that took place in a hallway inside of the U.S. Capitol, Bowman, a male member of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s vaunted “Squad” completely lost it in an unhinged verbal attack on Massie, a GOP congressman from Kentucky who has been been a staunch defender of the Second Amendment rights of Americans.

“They won’t do anything to save the lives of our children at all. Cowards!” Bowman screamed. “Pressure them. Force them to respond to the question, ‘Why the hell don’t you do anything to save America’s children?’ And let them explain that all the way up to Election Day in 2024.”

“They’re freaking cowards. They’re gutless,” he raged as he menacingly accosted Massie and shouted directly into his face while the Republican lawmaker kept his own composure while calmly laying out the case that one of the best deterrents to school shooters is armed teachers.

“More guns lead to more deaths!” Bowman shouted. “Look at the data! You’re not looking at the data!”

Bowman regurgitated his “data” several times during the exchange which, in saner days, would have been beneath the dignity of Congress. Sadly, in today’s clown-infested Democratic Party, such unhinged displays have become commonplace.

“States that have open carry laws have more deaths! Are you listening to what I’m saying?” Bowman howled as Massie and the reporters who were witnessing his outburst unsuccessfully tried to calm him down.

“Calm down? Children are dying! Nine-year-old children!” Bowman shouted

“He wanted to discuss solutions to school shootings, but when I offered a solution he began shouting. When he asked for data, I gave him data, but then he just shouted more. Bring facts. There’s never been a school shooting in the hundreds of schools that allow staff to carry,” Massie later explained in a tweet giving his side of the story.

After he dumped his diaper, Bowman also took to Twitter to reject criticism of his emotional meltdown.

“Republicans won’t do SH*T when it comes to gun violence, but try to tell me to calm down. NO,” he wrote. “We can’t calm down. People are dying everyday while we wait.”

Reactions to Bowman’s silly fit included Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) who praised Massie’s cool and dignified demeanor.

“This video provides a glimpse into why I have such profound respect for @RepThomasMassie . He’s arguably the smartest, most thoughtful and respectful member of either house of Congress. Even when he’s treated with intense incivility, he responds with kindness without surrendering,” he tweeted.

Conservative podcaster Dana Loesch tweeted a link to data that schools, where teachers are allowed to carry guns, aren’t targeted by deranged shooters.

Conservative commentator Stephen Miller suggested that Bowman’s blowup was merely an act to distract attention from the fact that the shooter was a transgender who carried out a hate crime against Christians.

Other reactions to Bowman’s grotesque and childish behavior:

Congressman Bowman is a perfect poster child for the modern incarnation of the Democratic Party which is no longer a serious political entity and exists solely to undermine the rights and freedoms of Americans while building their members’ social media brands.

Chris Donaldson


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