Sean Penn earns leftist wrath for his take on ‘cowardly’ western men who have ‘become’ women

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Despite being a Hugo Chavez-loving, Donald Trump-hating leftist, even Hollywood actor Sean Penn has had it with all the “cowardly,” “feminized” men in Western society who have “become” women.

“I am in the club that believes that men in American culture have become wildly feminized,” he said in an interview earlier this month with the British morning paper inews.

“I don’t think that being a brute or having insensitivity or disrespect for women is anything to do with masculinity, or ever did. But I don’t think that [in order] to be fair to women, we should become them,” the outspoken actor added.

The remarks went under the radar until he doubled down during an interview this week with The Independent.

“I think that men have, in my view, become quite feminized. I have these very strong women in my life who do not take masculinity as a sign of oppression toward them. There are a lot of, I think, cowardly genes that lead to people surrendering their jeans and putting on a skirt,” he said.

This time his remarks provoked backlash from all wings of the left, from man-hating feminists who resent traditionally-minded men like him who are encouraging men to embrace their so-called “toxic masculinity,” to transgender activists and feminized men.

Look (*Language warning):

The irony is that this is his tribe, in that these are the sort of people he’s always chosen to align with politically and ideologically.

In fact, in the same Independent interview, he bashed those who refuse to get vaccinated as “failed citizens.”

“Sometimes people take their privilege and freedom as a right to be anti-citizen, to be failed citizens. Those who will search out the kind of bogus science that would give them legitimacy [when it comes to] not being vaccinated,” he said.

Penn has a history of far-leftism.

In 2008, he portrayed accused pedophile Harvey Milk in the 2008 film “Milk.” Milk was a San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ board member who was murdered alongside Bay Area Mayor George Moscone in 1978. After his death, Milk was heralded as a martyr because he’d been the first openly gay man to be elected to office in California.

Besides helping martyr accused pedophiles, Penn over the years referred to former Republican President Donald Trump as “an enemy of mankind,” lavishly praised former Democrat President Barack Hussein Obama and called for members of the Tea Party to be committed to a mental asylum.

Penn most famously befriended now-deceased Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, who was responsible for destroying the Venezuelan economy with his socialist policies.

It appears the actor is and has always been a leftist through and through, except for in very rare circumstances. Back when the #MeToo movement emerged in 2018, for instance, he brazenly called it a “toddler’s crusade.” Some took that as a sign that he was slowly waking up.

But Penn then quickly returned to his left-wing ways. Years later, he’s now being eaten alive by the same far-left that he’d eagerly embraced so many times in the past …

Vivek Saxena


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