Maher jokes he’s ‘a hero at Fox’ because he calls out ‘small contingent’ of ‘mental’ liberals leading Dems

Bill Maher has been on a heck of a roll lately and the one prominent liberal celebrity who has dared to call out Democrats for their surrender to the most extreme elements of the party brought the fire once again, speaking out about the state of the political left on his popular HBO show.

During Friday’s edition of “Real Time With Bill Maher,” the comic followed up on last week’s monologue in which he seriously rattled the cages of the leftist COVID cult by calling for a return to normal and that he no longer desired to live in their “masked paranoid world,” by meting out tough love to his party and its tolerance of the “woke” crazies who have succeeded in dragging the Democrats so far left that they are at the precipice of the abyss.

Maher kicked off his “New Rules” segment by responding to a suggestion from Fox News host Dana Perino that the party should recruit him to be their presidential nominee, dispensing with the idea that he has changed to the extent that he has now viewed favorably by many Republicans, opining that it is the Dems who have “gone nuts” and “have become a parody of themselves.”

(Video: Real Time With Bill Maher)

“Now, some people think this means I’ve changed, I assure you, I have not,” he said. “I am still the same unmarried, childless, pot-smoking libertine I always was,” he added, drawing hoots of approval from the live audience.

“I have many flaws but you can’t accuse me of maturing,” Maher continued. “Let’s get this straight, it’s not me who’s changed, it’s the left who is now made up of a small contingent who’ve gone mental and a large contingent who refuse to call them out for it.”

“But I will, that’s why I’m a hero at Fox these days,” he declared to applause, “which shows just how much liberals have had their head up their ass because if they really thought about it they would have made me a hero on their media, but that can’t happen in this ridiculous new era of mind-numbing partisanship where, if I keep it real about the nonsense in the Democratic Party, it makes me an instant hero to Republicans.”

He added, “The same thing happened in reverse to Darth Vader’s daughter, Liz Cheney who is now a hero to liberals simply because she recognizes Biden did not steal the last election,” something that former President Donald J. Trump has maintained took place.

“People sometimes say to me, you didn’t used to make fun of the left as much, yeah, because they didn’t give me so much to work with,” he said. “The oath of office I took was to comedy and if you do goofy sh*t, wherever you are on the spectrum, I’m going to make fun of you because that is where the gold is and the fact that they are laughing at it should tell you something – it rings true.”

Maher continued, “When normal people read that San Francisco has basically legalized shoplifting, they think Democrats have gone nuts,” he said referring to the rampant crime in the city by the bay. “They think, you know, that Ted Cruz guy seems like a real stiff, but at least he believes in the concept of shopping with money.”

“It’s not my fault that the party of FDR and JFK is turning into the party of LOL and WTF,” he added, lamenting that today’s Democrats no longer even remotely resemble the party that once existed under Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy.

“Members of Congress tweeting things like cancel rent, cancel mortgage and no more policing or incarceration, declaring that capitalism is slavery,” he said as he shared the screen with real tweets from members of AOC’s Squad. “Canceling Lincoln and Dr. Seuss, teaching children they’re oppressors and math is racist, making Mr. Potato Head gender-neutral and now an emoji for pregnant men,” one of the central tenets of the “woke” left’s dogma which was just rolled out by Apple.

He went on, “California just passed a law requiring large retailers to have a non-gendered toy section, a non-gendered toy section,” he repeated for emphasis, “isn’t Ken enough,” referring to the popular Barbie doll.

Maher also revisited the controversial topic of COVID and the authoritarianism wielded by Democrats and leftists.

“We need a law for that?” he asked. “You have to inject yourselves into everything? From where you can throw a frisbee to how you can braid hair? This is why so many people, by the way, were triggered by COVID policies, they were already sick of rules.”

“Democrats have become a parody of themselves,” he said. “Just making rules to make rules because it makes you feel like you’re a better person. Making sure that everything bad never happens again, which you can never fully do, it just makes everybody else’s life a drag.”

Now that Trump has left the White House, Maher has often been able to refocus his energy and comedic skills on the dumpster fire of his own party and, by doing so, has managed to achieve crossover appeal, a very rare but precious commodity in today’s dangerously polarized society.


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