Security cam captures terrifying moment intruder walks through LA woman’s home while grandkids were present

A California woman reported feeling “very violated” after a home security system caught an intruder lingering in her home with her grandkids present.

(Video: Fox 11)

A Saturday evening at home luckily ended with one Los Angeles County resident’s sense of safety being the only thing taken from her home. Speaking with Fox 11, Meka Davis detailed the unsettling encounter and the unknown risk that had been presented to her, her sister and her grandchildren.

“He had walked inside an unlocked patio door, and he was inside my home for three minutes and 42 seconds while my grandchildren and I were upstairs and my sister was downstairs in her bedroom,” explained the Lakewood area homeowner. “It was very scary. I feel very violated.”

As Davis explained to KTLA 5, the burglary occurred at about 8:30 p.m. on Dec. 9 and video showed the unidentified suspect enter the backyard after scaling over a wall. Once there, he could be seen prowling outside, peering in through the back windows, including into the sister’s bedroom, for nearly an hour before he entered the home.

“I’m not sure what his intent was, but I know his intent was not to come in and have coffee and tea with me, you know, and just the fact that he was waiting and didn’t take anything,” remarked the homeowner to Fox 11.

It wasn’t until Davis spotted the man’s leg going over the wall on the video of her home security system that she was alerted to the man’s presence and she told KTLA 5, “I went outside and I started yelling at him and he’s ducking down and I’m like, ‘I see you!’ Then he jumped up and jumped across my neighbor’s wall.”

Further review of the footage revealed how long the man had been on her property and within her home and she noted, “You want to feel safe in your own home all the time. It’s where we come to get away from the world, where that’s supposed to be your safest place.”

According to deputies with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) the suspect, whose motive remained unknown, had been spotted inside another homeowner’s backyard nearby that same night.

Data from the Lakewood Station of the LASD had marked an 8% decrease in reported burglaries from Jan. 1 through Oct. 31 of this year compared to 2022. However, the Lakewood area specifically had seen a slight uptick to 209 incidents compared to 204 in the year prior. Department-wide there had also been a reported decrease in burglary from 2022 to 2023 through Oct. 31 by 1.41%.

Still, as the LASD sought the public’s help in identifying the suspect, Davis warned, “Everyone needs to lock their doors and try to practice safety at all times.”

Kevin Haggerty


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