Self-righteous Hollywood elite lead pushback against Kanye West over tweet deemed anti-semitic

No digital pubic flogging of an individual with clout and connections would be complete without a bevy of self-righteous celebrities paying fealty to the cancel culture mob to feed their hunger for adoration and acceptance through virtue-signaling.

So when rapper Kanye West began taking heat for his remarks on social media, earning himself a ban from Instagram before getting blocked out of his Twitter account, it was only a matter of time before Hollywood sought to have all eyes turned on them.

Among them was actress and comedian Sarah Silverman who had evidently seen none of the backlash the rapper was taking and tweeted out, “Kanye threatened the Jews yesterday on twitter and it’s not even trending. Why do mostly only Jews speak up against Jewish hate? The silence is so loud.”

As covered on BizPacReview, after getting bumped from the Meta-owned Instagram, West had made a return to Twitter only to be locked out of his account and expected to delete a tweet where he wrote, “I’m a bit sleepy tonight but when I wake up I’m going death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE The funny thing is I actually can’t be Anti Semitic because black people are actually Jew also You guys have toyed with me and tried to black ball anyone whoever opposes your agenda.”

West’s Instagram block had been due to alleged antisemitic remarks and though his follow-up Twitter post had been removed, there was no apparent retraction of any of the sentiments conveyed. Sunday morning, actress Jamie Lee Curtis offered her own selective outrage when she posted, “The holiest day in Judaism was last week. Words matter. A threat to Jewish people ended once in a genocide. Your words hurt and incite violence. You are a father. Please stop.”

Likewise, the frequently ranting Michael Rappaport was certain to be seen with his own brand of vitriol as his profanity-filled statement on the experience of the Jewish people included incendiary remarks about West’s “dusty” appearance, leading the actor to demand the rapper “take a shower.”

“This, this is unacceptable,” Rappaport fumed as he claimed he defended West when the rapper’s ex Kim Kardashian was in a relationship with Pete Davidson. “I’m going to be the one to tell you to break the heart of your dream. You’re never going to be president, you pr*ck you.”

Warning: Language

Though it remains unclear what, if any, intent West had with his remarks, it’s worth noting that the recent stir he caused by wearing a “White Lives Matter” shirt while attending a fashion show in Paris had triggered leftist ideologues into exposing their well-established hypocrisy on the BLM movement.

Whether West was seeking a similar outcome with his controversial posts, the backlash also came from Jewish organizations like the Anti-Defamation League and the Black Jewish Entertainment Alliance with the latter posting, “[West’s] recent statements about the Jewish community are hurtful, offensive, and wrong. They perpetuate stereotypes that have been the basis for discrimination and violence against Jews for thousands of years. Words like this tear at the fabric of the Black-Jewish relationship.”

Meanwhile, the ADL followed the trend and went as far as to level that West was a white supremacist, “The behavior exhibited this week by [West] is deeply troubling, dangerous, and antisemitic, period. There is no excuse for his propagating of white supremacist slogans and classic #antisemitism about Jewish power, especially with the platform he has.”

Kevin Haggerty


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