‘Point of no return’: Trans man shares ‘consequences’ of ‘life-altering’ gender decisions as a minor

A Twitter user who goes by the name of “KC Miller” has put an extremely personal face on the issue of “gender-affirming care” in an eloquent video and follow-up thread that calls into question claims that medical transitioning with hormone therapy is reversible, and highlights the confusion and challenges many young Americans are facing in the wake of a widespread push for minors to come out as transgender in a healthcare system that is “broken.”

While there is nothing to indicate KC is anything other than who KC’s Twitter profile claims to be — a “disillusioned 20-something trying to find reason and moderation”– we at American Wire feel it necessary to make two disclaimers before sharing KC’s critically important story.

First, we have no way of confirming KC’s courageous claims, so we are simply presenting them as KC expressed them on Twitter.

And second, KC is clearly in a state of actual mental flux regarding gender and doesn’t specify pronouns. This makes writing about KC difficult, as we wish to be respectful and don’t want a pronoun choice we make to cloud the message KC wants to share. Because KC purports to be a  21-year-old who has been transitioning to and presenting as a male for five years, we are going to use “he/him” pronouns. We apologize if we chose incorrectly, but the grammatical gymnastics we would have to execute to avoid making a choice would only detract from what he has to say.

With a video that has now gone viral, KC tweeted on Sunday, “Just for some perspective: this is what almost five years of hormones does to a teenage girl.”

“Remember,” he adds, “I’m 21.”

In the heartbreaking video which has gained more than 3.2. million views so far, KC explains that he just got a haircut “because I’m tired of watching my hair thin out and it’s less distressing if I shave it.”

The soft-spoken youth then explains, “When I talk about ‘being too far gone’ — I don’t really know what else to call it — this is what I mean.”

“This is how deep my voice is,” he continues. “It’s gotten deeper over time. It’s settled.”

“This is what I mean by hair loss,” he says, bowing his head slightly to reveal a pronounced widow’s peak and barely-covered skin. “It just keeps getting worse. It keeps thinning. It keeps receding backwards, you know, and I’m not exactly sure that’s coming back.”

“Those are the main things when I talk about being intergenized to a point of no return,” he says, “but I really don’t see those as being fixable.”

“I don’t really see me personally being able to come back from what’s happened so far,” he reveals.

KC says he wants to “give more awareness to the situation” many trans youths now find themselves in.

“This is what happens when you give a woman testosterone for five years,” he concludes. “This is what happens, essentially.”

Now, as KC twice refers to himself as a biological woman, it may seem odd that we chose to go with “he/him” pronouns, but in a lengthy follow-up thread, KC revealed that he didn’t mean to imply he was going to “definitively detransition.”

“I’m also not definitively saying I’m trans and that this was the right decision,” he said.

The thread, which details with both intelligence and courage, offers readers an up-close look into the confusion that has been forced upon so many of today’s youth.

Remember, if KC has been taking hormones for five years, that means he was only 16 when he started.

“I’m a realist, and right now it would require a LOT of effort for me to revert back to the presentation of my birth sex, compared to socially presenting as I do now,” he said. “I also have non-related medical issues I’m trying to juggle plus my mental health, so it’s a balancing act.”

“Additionally,” he continued, “I don’t have a strong yearning to present as female AT THIS MOMENT.”

“To be honest,” he added, “I don’t know what ‘socially living as a woman’ is like because I transitioned before I reached adulthood. To say it would be a learning curve is an understatement.”

According to KC, his gender is “all up in the air and to be determined.”

With respect to trans rights, KC is more balanced and more mature than many on the left who are out waving signs on behalf of the kids they claim to be protecting.

“What fully developed adults choose to do is up to them, and clearly there ARE trans people that transition and are happier for it,” he wrote. “That’s great and I’m happy for them.”

“I want everyone to access high-quality medical care for their physical and mental health,” he stated. “Right now though, it’s clear that, even in adults, the informed consent model is leading to young adults making the wrong decision and, worse, children having to face the consequences.”

He points to the number of young people who are currently expressing regrets and/or detransitioning, and lays out some simple truths.

“It is clear, based on the number of young adults coming forward, that a) we can’t 100% discern between gender dysphoria and body dysmorphia, b) one can present with feelings of gender dysphoria for reasons other than being trans (i.e. trauma), c) of the kids that are put on puberty blockers, we can’t predict who will be fine with transition and who will regret it, d) even young adults over the ‘age of majority’ are falling victim to fast access to powerful drugs because of informed consent,” he asserted, adding, “I could go on.”

“The current system isn’t working. Enough people are getting hurt and are allowed to make life-altering decisions very quickly that the current model of care, at the very least, needs to be modified, if not rebuilt entirely,” he wrote.

After dismissing the idea that he is being paid for “right-wing political commentary,” he stated, “I simply got fed up with the current trans healthcare practices.”

Why his video “blew up” is a mystery to him.

Perhaps most touching — and most impressive — about KC’s thread is how forgiving he is of those who enabled him to transition.

“I 100% DO NOT blame my mother for this at all.,” he said. “This wasn’t a misstep. This was an act of desperation. I don’t think I properly conveyed just how mentally ill I was when we sought care.”

“Years of battling severe depression, years of therapy and medical issues, years of actively living with suicidal ideation EVERY DAY led up to me seeking trans healthcare,” he explained. “I would do anything back then to make the pain go away, and so would my mom.”

“We acted out of desperation, and she trusted highly trained professionals at a reputable children’s hospital that this was the right thing to do,” he continued. “She was told that if I didn’t transition, there was an almost 50% chance I would commit suicide. That’s what she was told.”

“We followed medical advice, and it didn’t fix much of anything,” he wrote. “I continued to struggle, I continued to be suicidal (albeit for different reasons), and that was my reality. That IS my reality.”

“I don’t hold it against the medical professionals personally, I believe that they were acting in good faith,” he said. “But, they missed quite a few ‘red flags’ that would have indicated that more was at play than just simply ‘gender dysphoria.'”

“Back to an earlier point: if the current system is misdiagnosing people at all, nevertheless at its current rate, then it’s BROKEN,” he concluded. “Generally speaking, when else has a model of care been allowed to misdiagnose people as frequently as ‘gender-affirming care’ does?”

It’s a powerful thread, spoken by a young person who needs to be heard if we as a society are to truly understand the transgender issue.


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