Senate Dems open a new and completely shameless line of attack on Alito

Senate Democrats have opened a new line of attack on Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito who they have failed to bully into recusing himself from a historic presidential immunity ruling.

With the smear campaign about Alito’s flags that was launched by their media partners at the New York Times having failed, the shamelessly unprincipled party has now deployed Jewish Democrat members of the Senate to complain about the justice’s allegedly discriminatory religious views.

The Jewish Democrats are quoted in a hit piece by The Hill in which the lawmakers seek to promote the narrative that the George W. Bush appointee’s decisions are driven by his religious beliefs and that the “Appeal to Heaven” flag that the New York Times tried to make a big deal about shows that Alito is a Christian nationalist zealot.

“I don’t think there’s really any doubt. I don’t think Alito and [conservative Justice Clarence] Thomas are being shy. They have a view of the world, and they’re trying to establish an official religion, and a specific denomination,” said one Jewish senator who was granted anonymity by the outlet for comment on whether Alito is “pushing a sectarian religious agenda on the court.”

Retiring Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) cited the Dobbs decision that sent the decision on abortion back to the states where it was before Roe v. Wade to suggest that Alito is a religious bigot.

Cardin said, “When you take a look at Dobbs and see how the majority in the Supreme Court could disregard precedent that protects the individual against the abuses of power,” and what he described as “religious fundamentalism.”

The Jewish senator said that the court’s conservative majority’s “erosion of individual rights” on abortion and homosexual marriage is “especially worrisome” to “those of us that have different religious views,” according to The Hill.

“I do worry that when you get these fundamentalist views that we’re a Christian state when we’re not a Christian state, the minority religions are going to be in trouble,” Cardin said.

“When I’m in a meeting, a public meeting, I don’t particularly want to hear government officials supporting one religion over another. And I’m in a minority religion, being Jewish, so I want to make sure there’s not an expansion for that,” the outgoing senator added.

Another Jewish Democrat quoted in the article is brazen fibber Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) who lied about his military service during the Vietnam War.

“I think there is a far-right group that is exploiting religion for a political agenda that is anti-woman, anti-choice, anti-science and wants to roll back our essential constitutional rights, and they’re exploiting every institution, whether the Supreme Court or Congress, to advance that agenda,” Blumenthal said when asked about the “Appeal to Heaven” flag, a historic banner that was flown by ships during the Revolutionary War, and was commissioned by George Washington, the father of the country.

“I’m not sure that a lot of the faith leaders in this country realize how potentially damaging to democracy it is,” he said.

“It’s downright scary,” Blumenthal added. “The founders of our Constitution came to this country or descended from people who made that journey here because they wanted to be free of the government telling them what their faith and religious belief should be.”

The Hill also quotes Sen. Brian Schatz (D-HI) who griped about Alito’s remarks that the Supreme Court is a co-equal branch of government, a concept that drives Senate Democrats crazy with rage.

“He’s reading the Constitution selectively,” Schatz said, insisting that “we could in fact require some basic ethics disclosure like every other federal employee.”

“These guys think they are nine lifetime unelected clerics that get to decide everything for the rest of us,” the senator added.

So Jewish Senate Democrats who can’t be bothered to denounce the virulent anti-Semitism of members of their own party in Congress are now using their religion as a shield while they disingenuously attack Alito, nothing could be more cynical.

The complaints based on religious discrimination are as disingenuous as Chuck Schumer’s barbecued cheeseburger but Democrats are throwing everything at the wall now and hoping that something sticks in their war on the Supreme Court.

Chris Donaldson


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