‘She will rue this day’: Haley rushes to parrot Dem talking points after $83 million judgement against Trump

Presidential wannabe Nikki Haley proved to many on Friday that reading a room isn’t her strong suit when, mere moments after a New York jury ordered former President Donald Trump to pay an exorbitant $83 million in defamation damages to E. Jean Carroll, she ignored the flamethrower the verdict took to America’s judicial system and attempted to score a political point.

“Donald Trump wants to be the presumptive Republican nominee and we’re talking about $83 million in damages,”  Haley wrote on X. “We’re not talking about fixing the border. We’re not talking about tackling inflation. America can do better than Donald Trump and Joe Biden.”

While the post must have sounded powerful in Haley’s head, X users were quick to pop her self-aggrandizing bubble.

“We’re talking about gross malfeasance and excessive fines by a weaponized justice system against a private citizen, Nikki,” replied one user.

Haley’s alleged ties to those who brought the “frivolous” suit against Trump did not go unnoticed. If anything, her post only cemented her “Uniparty” status.

REMINDER: [Nikki Haley’s] donor, Reid Hoffman, funded this FRIVOLOUS lawsuit against Trump,” X Strategies CEO
Alex Bruesewitz wrote. “Reid Hoffman is also a mega Biden donor. The Uniparty is using lawfare to try to stop Trump — but they won’t succeed!!!”

It’s a point that has also been made by former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, who has enthusiastically endorsed Trump.

“The biggest donors to Nikki Haley include the very people who have been actually been funding to keep Donald Trump off the ballot, from a left-wing perspective,” Ramaswamy said. “Reid Hoffman is one such person. He’s the founder of LinkedIn, which, by the way, censored me early in this campaign for making factual statements about climate change.”

“Nikki, this post is pathetic,” political commentator Gunther Eagleman stated. “Whoever told you this post would help… f**ked up, BIG TIME.”

“You are definitely setting yourself as the enemy to over 75 million American voters… which includes me,” one user cautioned the candidate.

“Nikki is making herself look small by attacking Trump,” one user wrote. “She will rue this day.”

Melissa Fine


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