‘Shut up!’ Sparks and insults fly when leftist Cenk Uygur, conservative Rabbi clash over Israel

Things got extremely heated during what was supposed to be a civil debate between those with opposing views on the conflict between Israel and the Hamas terror organization when volatile left-wing pundit Cenk Uygur melted down.

The easily combustible founder of “The Young Turks” podcast appeared on “Piers Morgan Uncensored” where he clashed with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and, when unable to make his argument rationally, resorted to the typical insults that have become a hallmark of modern leftist discourse, accusing the man of God of being a “bigot” and a “racist.”

While the show’s host remained above the fray, the two men had a passionate discussion about Hamas talking points parroted by the left that the Jewish democracy is engaging in “genocide” against the Palestinians, and the conversation went off the rails as Uygur lost it after Shmuley tabbed him as a “Jew hater.”

“I’ve spent my life debating people. Whenever someone starts using personal names and screaming like a lunatic, they’re losing the debate,” Rabbi Boteach said.

“You are the one who made up things!” Uygur shot back as sparks flew between Morgan’s guests.

“The Palestinians were offered a state in 1936 and the PLO commission, they rejected it,” Boteach stated. “They were offered a state in 1947, the UN partition plan. They rejected it.”

“They were offered a state in 1967 after Israel conquered Judea and Samaria in the West Bank. They rejected it,” he continued, giving the volatile leftist a history lesson. “They were offered a state in 2000, Yasser Arafat and Barak, they rejected it. They were offered a state with Ehud Olmert 2008. They rejected it. They have, Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza in 2005, and they did not create a state.”

“In fact, where were you Cenk?” Boteach asked. “When you say that you care about Palestinian children, when Hamas stole the highest rate of per capita international foreign aid, larger than the Marshall Plan from Palestinian children, did not build schools for them, did not build hospitals, took all the money to buy bombs and to build a network of tunnels, which is larger than the New York subway system.”

“Where were you then? Why did you only come up now? In fact, when Bashar al-Assad killed 600,000 children, Arab children, when he gassed them with mustard gas, my organization took out full-page New York Times ads to protect them from sarin gas,” he added. “Where were you then? You don’t care about our children.”

“You are a Jew hater, defined as someone who only wants to lie and say that the Jews are dangerous,” Boteach told the steaming Turkish-American podcaster.

“Shut up! You bigot!” Uygur shouted, flinging down the race card that is nearly always played when a leftist loses an argument. “You racist!”

“Do not try to cancel me and say that I shouldn’t be on,” the rabbi concluded. “You’re not a producer of this show because you are ignorant of the facts. And ignorant of the history does not mean that you can find my voice.”


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