Six critical states move closer to Trump: Nonpartisan report changes Electoral College Ratings

A defiant Joe Biden insists that he can beat former President Donald J. Trump in November, but Senate Democrats aren’t convinced he’s the man for the job.

On Tuesday, the upper chamber’s leftist lawmakers huddled behind closed doors on Capitol Hill amid a rebellion against the geriatric leader who, thanks to an aggressive media strategy, may have staved off the mutineers for at least a few days.

In a positive sign for the 81-year-old incumbent, none of the senators broke ranks to call for him to step down after his horrific showing in front of a national television audience at CNN’s presidential debate, however, there also weren’t any ringing endorsements with many senators having “serious concerns” about his electability, according to The Hill.

The outlet cites an unnamed source who said that a “vast majority” of the senators have doubts that the octogenarian incumbent can beat Trump after the debate dumpster fire. There was a “passionate” voicing of concerns but the senators only “walked up to the edge” calling for Biden to be dumped.

According to a second anonymous source, a trio of lawmakers, Sens. Jon Tester (D-MT), Michael Bennett (D-CO), and Sherrod Brown (D-OH) said “pointedly” that Biden’s a goner come November.

Showing that the senators have valid concerns was Cook Political Report, the nonpartisan outlet that released a poll just after they broke from their meeting with more bad news for Democrats.

The poll showed movement in six critical states toward Trump. With Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada moving from tossup to “lean Republican” and Minnesota, Nebraska (2nd congressional district), and New Hampshire from “likely Democrat” to “lean Democrat.”

Not the type of numbers that will be soothing to nervous Democrats who fear that the deeply unpopular Biden could drag the entire party down with him.

“So if we do really poorly at the presidential level, that creates a fierce undertow,” Sen. Peter Welch (D-VT) told CNN in an interview before Biden’s high-stakes interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos aired last week.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) urged Biden to speak more to the concerns of the working class, people who have been crushed under “Bidenomics” and the Democrats’ crony capitalism.

“The working class in this country is hurting, we have unprecedented income and wealth inequality, we have a political system dominated by billionaires. We have to speak to the needs of the working class to take on powerful and wealthy special interests and prove that we can stand for ordinary people. We do that, we win,” Sanders said, a suggestion that flies in the face of the Biden campaign’s strategy of hitting heavily on saving democracy, unrestrained abortion, NATO, and attacking Trump.

Disagreeing with his crypto-communist colleague was staunch Biden ally Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) who insisted that the messaging should stick to NATO and Trump, despite both issues not moving the polls in the president’s direction or ranking high on the priorities list of battered Americans who, unlike the D.C. elite, are more concerned with real issues like inflation.

“This is NATO week. If you’re talking about NATO week … emphasize that Donald Trump has said publicly that ‘I’ll let Russia do whatever the hell they want with our NATO allies if they don’t pay up,’” Coons summarized his comments.

“It’s understandable folks have some concerns about the debate. Donald Trump had a terrible debate. Donald Trump said things on that debate stage over and over and over that were outright lies,” he added. “Yet, we’re spending all of our time talking about one candidate’s performance and not the other.”

Dems and their media stooges are looking to shift the focus to Trump’s debate showing but tens of millions of Americans saw with their own eyes that the media and the entire Democratic Party have been gaslighting them for years about Biden’s mental condition.

For now, Senators are intent to stay on board the sinking ship, but if Biden’s polls continue to sink or he has another killer brain fart it could soon be every man and woman for themselves.

Chris Donaldson


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