Prestigious medical school says ‘timeliness’, ‘dress code’ and more are part of ‘White supremacy culture’

The pervasiveness of DEI throughout academia cropped up in a top-tier medical school as “timeliness,” “individualism,” and a professional dress code were all labeled facets of “white supremacy culture.”

While some schools have seen fit to do away with diversity, equity, and inclusion, and states like Florida and Texas have acted legislatively to expel the Marxist ideology from the halls of learning, others maintained a firm commitment to Critical Race Theory and its various iterations.

This included Duke University School of Medicine which Fox News Digital had drawn attention to over their “anti-racism strategic plan” that was launched in June 2021.

Titled “Dismantling Racism and Advancing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the School of Medicine,” the 42-page document included an “18 Month Priority Initiatives” that made diversity a focal point while decrying “white supremacy culture” that was defined as “the idea (ideology) that white people and the ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and actions of white people are superior to People of Color and their ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and actions.”

However, the description didn’t end there as the plan further suggested, “In the workplace, white supremacy culture explicitly and implicitly privileges whiteness and discriminates against non-Western and non-white professionalism standards related to dress code, speech, work style, and timeliness.”

“Some identifiable characteristics of this culture include perfectionism, belief that there’s only one right way, power hoarding, individualism, sense of urgency and defensiveness,” continued the document.

Duke linked to the same 2001 work coauthored by antiracist activist Tema Okun that the Oregon Health Authority had cited in 2020 to postpone a meeting addressing public concerns during the height of COVID because they recognized “that urgency is a white supremacy value…”

As mentioned, schools like the University of Texas at Austin have laid off their DEI employees to abide by expectations from the state government banning the divisive departments from publicly-funded colleges and universities in the Lone Star State.

Meanwhile, in Jan. 2023, Duke re-upped their commitment to the ideology and acknowledged in an update that the plan was motivated by BLM protests in the wake of the May 2020 death of George Floyd in police custody.

Vice Dean of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Kevin Thomas noted five priority areas:

  1. Inclusive Culture
  2. Leadership Capacity and Organizational Accountability
  3. Longitudinal Learning
  4. Equitable Retention and Recruitment Practices
  5. Assessment and Research

Within the plan, Dean Dr. Mary E. Klotman asserted, “Our plan for dismantling racism and advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion was created with an intentional and appropriate need for flexibility. While many of the strategies put forward will be evergreen in their focus, we also have near-term actions that we will hold ourselves accountable for, recognizing the ongoing durability of our commitments.”

“As you read this plan, consider the actions you might take individually, with your teams, and in your local units to support our collective goals,” she went on to state. “Each of you will play an important role in advancing our mission to dismantle racism and promote equity, diversity, and inclusion at Duke and beyond.”

That same guide made a point of referencing the Robin DiAngelo coined term “white fragility” as the supposed plan for unity suggested for white people and pointed out that “engagement in conversations about racism may trigger a range of defensive actions, feelings, and behaviors, such as anger, fear, and silence. These behaviors function to reinstate white racial equilibrium.”

Though contacted by Fox News Digital for comment, the outlet indicated that Duke had not immediately given a response.

Kevin Haggerty


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