Slurring Biden warns conservatives in speech to gun grabbers, ‘they need F-15s, they don’t need a rifle’

A bellicose, slurring Joe Biden delivered a rage-filled diatribe at an anti-Second Amendment event hours after his son was convicted of felony gun charges in a Delaware courtroom.

Sinking in the polls, the geriatric president is more dependent than ever on the extreme elements of the Democrat base and whipped shovels of bloody red meat to an adoring crowd of gun grabbers at the Washington Hilton on Tuesday afternoon.

The 81-year-old Democrat riled up the crowd at the “Gun Sense University” event put on by Everytown for Gun Safety, an influential nonprofit with a mission to disarm law-abiding Americans, once again demanding his elusive “assault weapons” ban while threatening conservatives who he said will need more than rifles if they plan on taking over the government.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

“Give me a break,” he said as the audience laughed and clapped. “No, I mean it, seriously,” Biden slurred to cheers. “And by the way, if they want to think they can take on government if we get out of line which they’re talking again about, well guess what? They need F-15s, they don’t need a rifle.”

The fantasy that Trump-supporting conservatives are going to “take over” the government has been a constant theme of Biden, Democrats, and their winged monkeys in the media ever since the so-called “insurrection” on January 6, 2021, an election integrity protest that spiraled out of control and has been falsely portrayed as a legitimate coup attempt led by the former president.

All in all, it was an angry demagogic rant that at times sounded like it was delivered by an alcoholic.

Biden’s implied threat drew a strong reaction from X users.

And they call Trump a dictator.

Outside of the dead-enders and low-information types, nobody is buying it anymore and if Biden plans to run on the official J6 narrative, he’s in big trouble. But to the anti-gun nuts in the audience, he was their hero for a day.

As usual, good old Joe from Scranton is full of malarkey, and while the gun-grabbers ate it up, all that conservatives really need to be armed with to take over the government are their votes on November 5.

Chris Donaldson


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