Small Massachusetts town outraged that hundreds of migrants will be housed there

Local residents in the blue state of Massachusetts voiced their anger over a plan to house hundreds of illegal immigrants in a former prison, which will be made into an emergency shelter.

Officials in the small town of Norfolk were left scrambling to respond to concerns after being told by the state the former Bay State Correctional Center would be used to house around 450 people in the country illegally.

“The overflow site is meant to help homeless families with children, many of them migrants who have been sleeping at Logan Airport,” Boston 25 reported.

The prison is state property, and Norfolk town leaders essentially absolved themselves of any responsibility, according to the affiliate, saying that Democratic Gov. Maura Healey made the decision.

“There is no turning back when this happens, our schools are overcrowded as it is, we have a budget problem – this isn’t a humanitarian question, this is a mathematical question, it cannot happen,” said Norfolk resident John Semas.

A local woman added, “Now we are considering adding additional children onto the plate of our already stretched-too-thin teachers and expecting it just to work?”

Boston 25 reporter Litsa Pappas shared this video:

The odds are good that many of those now complaining about having to absorb illegal immigrants who don’t always share our values helped elect Gov. Healey.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on the social media platform X:

Tom Tillison


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