‘So satisfying!’ Karma comes potty-mouthed ‘Kayak Karen’ after she berates other boaters

A belligerent woman in a kayak is entertaining social media users who marveled at how quickly karma took her down.

A TikTok video clip was shared showing an angry woman in a kayak in Australia as she unloads on a family that violated an apparent speed rule in the body of water.

“The boat driver said his engine stopped working when he tried to slow down in the 4-knot zone when the enraged ‘Karen’ approached him,” reads the X post.

A video post describes the location as Dora Creek, New South Wales, Australia, and the unseen boaters were identified as Benny Larkin and his 14-year-old daughter Taylor Larkin.

The woman was evidently not bothered by the teen’s presence as she hurled an expletive-filled lecture at the boaters, accusing them of reaching a speed of 24 knots after greeting them with a loud, “Hello guys!”

“Was it 24? Where’s your radar?” asked the man filming the encounter.

After some back and forth over the actual speed and what the rules are, the man asked, “What’s your problem then?”

He explained that he had slowed down and even stopped as the woman threw back the “Karen” insult at him.

She continued to harass the family, circling back again and again to spar with the father as she pelted their ears with profane exclamations.

Eventually, she attempted to give a dramatic flourish to her rant and tried to splash water on the offending boat. This, hilariously, did not end well for the kayaker as she flipped over in her vessel and got thoroughly drenched, much to the amusement of the onlooking boaters.

This was also a celebrated moment on X as users penned their appreciation for the very “satisfying” video clip.

Frieda Powers


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