Social media explodes over report Biden had advanced notice, told Iran to keep Israel attack ‘within certain limits’

Social media is on fire after a bombshell report from The Jerusalem Post alleged that President Biden had advance notice of Iran’s drone attack on Israel and told the Islamic nation to keep it “within certain limits.”

According to The Jerusalem Post: “Iran informed Turkey in advance of its planned operation against Israel, a Turkish diplomatic source told Reuters on Sunday, adding that Washington had conveyed to Tehran via Ankara that any action it took had to be ‘within certain limits.'”

“The Turkish source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan had spoken to both his US and Iranian counterparts in the past week to discuss the planned Iranian operation, adding Ankara had been made aware of possible developments,” the outlet reports. “Earlier this week, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke to Fidan to make clear that escalation in the Middle East was not in anyone’s interest.”

“Iran informed us in advance of what would happen,” the source said. “Possible developments also came up during the meeting with Blinken, and they (the US) conveyed to Iran through us that this reaction must be within certain limits.”

When confronted with the possibility of an attack on Israel, Biden warned Iran, “Don’t.”

“So apparently Team Biden went from warning Iran ‘don’t’ attack Israel to ‘sure, go ahead… just don’t overdo it,'” noted Fox News contributor Joe Concha.

“Michigan. Michigan. Michigan…” Concha added, an apparent reference to the large amount of Muslim voters in the Great Lakes State.

It was a sentiment shared by many:

“So wait … Biden knew? WE KNEW?! And gave them permission as long as it was within certain limits?” exclaimed one user. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”

Meanwhile, the left is already calling on Israel to show “restraint” in its response to Iran.

Conservative columnist Bethany Mandel provided some perspective.

“185 drones; 110 surface-to-surface missiles; 36 cruise missiles,” she wrote on X. “And it’s *Israel* being asked to exercise restraint.”

“Wild,” she stated, “just wild watching all of this play out in real time.”

As BizPac Review reported, details of a call between President Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were leaked to the press.

Biden reportedly suggested to Netanyahu that a counterattack isn’t even necessary, arguing that Iran’s attack was a “win” for Israel because it did so little damage.

“You got a win; take the win,” Biden said, according to Axios.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) discussed Iran’s attack on CNN’s “State of the Union” with anchor Jake Tapper.

He argued that Iran’s goal is “to make Israel an unlivable place.”

The senator said he’s “not going to tell Israel what to do,” because “I’m not the one that was attacked by 300 rockets and missiles and drones.”

“I do know that Israel has a very clear military doctrine, and that is that they respond to attacks, by responding to those with something much more severe,” he said. “It is how they have survived.”

“I imagine, that Israel does not want a full scale war either,” Rubio continued. “And one of the ways they prevented it in the past is through the kind of deterrence that comes from firm attack.”

“What I don’t understand is why Joe Biden and the administration would leak to the media the contents of a conversation in which he tells Netanyahu he doesn’t think Netanyahu should respond at all,” Rubio stated. “It is the continuing part of this public game that they are playing, which, frankly encourages Iran and Hezbollah, which we haven’t even talked about, and the Houthis and, all these other elements that are targeting Israel.”

Melissa Fine


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