Congressman argues Trump’s people are dead-wrong about hush money trial helping him, says America will turn on him

A telling supposition from a Democratic congressman sought to steer the conversation about lawfare against the former president with his own suggestion on just “how tuned-in America is…”

(Video: MSNBC)

Planned jury selection Monday will mark the beginning of former President Donald Trump’s alleged hush money trial in Manhattan after months of the GOP leader asserting it, along with the other cases brought against him, was little more than a political persecution.

Sunday, Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin (D) inadvertently agreed with the outcome, if not the premise, as he joined MSNBC’s “Inside with Jen Psaki” to “frame” how leftists are treating the legal woes of the White House hopeful.

“You’re the best framer of history in the moments we’re in,” contended Psaki of the Russian collusion-peddling member of the defunct kangaroo court that was the House Jan. 6 Select Committee. “As we look to this week, a criminal trial starting tomorrow, how should we think about this moment in history?”

“Well, you know, Trump’s people would like to trivialize and diminish the meaning of this trial, but in fact, it’s perfectly emblematic of the others that are out there,” began Raskin before leveling claims against the president’s “people” in regards to the varied legal cases.

“They’re all about electoral interference and manipulation,” alleged the congressman. “They tried it with violence and we’re going to see that in the D.C. case. They tried it with fraud; we’re going to see that in the Georgia case. And here they tried it with payoffs and then cooking the books — financial manipulation — that’s what it’s about. It’s a very serious case. And I think the Trump people are going to be shocked how tuned-in America is to what’s going on here.”

Of course, he simply reiterated a number of the claims that had been made against the president, but he did land at one point on which he and Trump were in agreement.

“It’s a very serious case.”

However, as has oft been laid out over the course of the 2024 presidential cycle, the GOP leader’s meaning of the seriousness of the lawfare did not align with that of the Democrats.

On Sunday, Trump took to Truth Social to once again point out how the cases against him were impacting his third run for office, directly implicating President Joe Biden, and wrote, “I’ve got 8 Biden cases (lawsuits!) going on at one time. They want to take money I would use for the campaign, and my time. Never been done before in our Country.”

“Crooked politicians and corrupt prosecutors and Judges,” continued Trump before looking ahead to election day. “November 5th is the most important day in the history of our Country. WE WILL WIN! MAGA2021.”

Reactions to Raskin’s segment with Psaki, which once again dredged up claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin was pulling the strings of Trump, who in turn was guiding the actions of congressional Republicans — “It’s like Trump is the fourth branch of government and Putin’s the fifth branch of government.” — left many agreeing that they were in fact “tuned-in” with the intent of seeing Trump prevail over “the conspiracy theorists.”

Kevin Haggerty


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